LiceDoctors Offers 10 Tips for Lice Prevention & Treatment as the Holiday Season Arrives

 LiceDoctors , one of the nation's largest companies specializing in treatment for head lice, now treats families in over 60 geographical areas from coast to coast. Their lice treatment protocol was developed over 18 years ago by their medical director and has a 99.9% track record. No other treatment option can boast that kind of history and success rate. Every lice technician undergoes intensive training and is dispatched directly to the privacy of the clients’ homes. Have a wonderful holiday season.

Head lice removal is available in Affton, Bellefontaine Neighbors, Bridgeton, Clayton, Creve Couer, Ferguson, Hazelwood, Jennings, Ladue, Maplewood, Mehlville, Normandy, O'Fallon, Overland, Richmond Heights, St. Louis, University City, Webster Groves, Alton, Belleville, Cahokia, Collinsville, East Saint Louis, Edwardsville, Fairview Heights, Granite City, Venice, Illinois and many more.

·A lice infestation is harder to diagnose than you think. All you need for a self-sustaining infestation is one fertilized female louse. They’re tiny, speedy, and scoot from light when you try to find them. Know the signs: lice and nits are brownish....not white. Nits stick to the hair follicles.

·Heads are infested, on average, two weeks before they discover they have lice. That means it can be essentially impossible to know who got what, when, from whom. Keep checking your child regularly.                                                                                                                                       

·Keep in mind, getting head lice has nothing to do with hygiene. Head lice don’t care how often you wash your hair. You get lice when bugs move from one head to another head. The bugs crawl; they don't fly.  Bugs can not live off the hair for more than a day so don't worry about   the house; it the head that counts.

·Lice have mutated over the past several years and often resistant to chemical lice treatments.

·To prevent getting lice, girls should wear their hair up in a braid or bun. The less accessible that the hair is, the more difficult it is for the bugs to get into it.

·Put gel, mousse or spray in your child’s hair. These products put a protective layer on the hair, which makes it harder for the bug to attach to the hair.

·Bring your own pillows if you are spending the night with friends.

·Encourage your kids to avoid sharing items including hairbrushes, combs, hats, scarves, towels, helmets, sleeping bags, etc.

·Take deep breaths and keep calm if you find out that your child has lice. .Having lice isn’t life-threatening, it just wreaks psychological chaos on the family or those infected.

·If you find your child has head lice and want the treatment to be done successfully, you may want to call in a head lice treatment service. Make sure whichever company you call gives you a 100% guarantee on their head lice removal service.


For further information on LiceDoctors call 800-224-2537 or www.licedoctors.com

LiceDoctors offers same day service, a 100% guarantee and has the Better Business Bureau seal of approval.


















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