Faces of O'Fallon: Darin Garner

Get to know your neighbors, as each week O'Fallon Patch brings you a short Q&A with a new Face of O'Fallon.

Each week O'Fallon Patch will feature a short Q&A with the people who live and work in O'Fallon. If you'd like to be a , or know someone you'd like to see featured, let us know! Email jordan.lanham@patch.com.

This week's Face of O'Fallon is Darin Garner, Operations Manager at Gold’s Gym.

Where were you born? Alton, Illinois

How long have you lived and worked in O’Fallon? I have lived and worked here in O’Fallon for about four years. I have lived all over, though. I went to high school in Kirkwood and grade school in Granite City. I lived in Arizona for a short time.

What is your favorite thing about living in O’Fallon? The people! There are good people here. And I like the fact that the city is growing.

What do you do with your free time? We are involved with school - ), the Junior Renegades football and O’Fallon Baseball, which is OCAC. I mostly do things with my step-son.

If there was one thing you could change about O’Fallon, what would it be? The traffic lights. The timing is horrible on some of them, especially on the north side.

Tell us about your job at Gold’s. I love the people. I have been with Gold’s for several years. I did sales for them for seven months. I worked the front desk at Dorsett (Gold’s Gym). I was a supervisor. I worked at Fenton (Gold’s Gym). And I have been here in O’Fallon for four years.

Have you always been drawn to the fitness industry? No. I have done everything under the sun. I worked in landscaping for 17 years. I did basement construction and built cabinetry. I have worked in restaurants on and off my whole life. I started working at Gold’s years ago when a friend of mine brought me in.

What is your favorite movie? Raiders of the Lost Ark - Indiana Jones.

What is your favorite band? Nirvana. I started listening to music in the '90s, so I enjoy that genre.

Want to see someone you know featured in Faces of O'Fallon? Let us know! Send us an email at jordan.lanham@patch.com. 


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