Five Signs Spring Is Near

The groundhog not seeing his shadow isn't the only sign of a soon-to-come warmer weather.

The birds are chirping and all that snow is finally beginning to melt. Read on to find out what other signs are popping up, signaling that spring is on its way.

1) Temperatures in the twenties, low teens and single digits are out of sight, at least for now. This week meteorologists are promising something we haven't seen in awhile; temps in the 50s and 60s. Let's just hope our good 'ole unpredictable Missouri weather stays this way. 

2) Something else we haven't seen in weeks -- sunshine. The sun has made an appearance throughout the week, drenching those once gray skies in its blinding light. With its warmth, its helped melt and almost completely finish off all those slick spots that continued to refreeze from our last epic winter storm.

3) Take a walk throughout O'Fallon neighborhoods or a drive down Main Street, and you'll see the tree limbs are no longer weighted down by the heavy layers of ice the local area received two weeks ago. Though the trees remain leafless, look closely and the beginnings of buds can be seen.

4) Take a stroll down the clearance aisle at and scents of winter fill the shelves. The smells of sweet pine and cinnamon are out,  while fresh floral scents are beginning to sneak their way back in.

5) What's the latest change at , besides the swap out of Valentine's Day for St. Patty's? Swimsuits. That's right, it's mid-February and already a vast selection of tankinis, bikinis and trunks have hit the racks.


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