Grandma's Picture And 5 Other Fun Facts About Farmhouse Sandwiches

Farmhouse Sandwiches, located at 1120 Technology Drive in O'Fallon, is celebrating its first anniversary next week.

Here are some things about Farmhouse that you might not have known:

1. The picture on the front of the menu is an ancestor of owner Ken Cobb. The photo is from a vintage glass negative and dates to 1835.
2. The little white farmhouse pictured inside the menu is where Ken grew up in the 1940s.
3. The tables and chairs at Farmhouse were commissioned and are made of old barn wood.
4. The white chicken and corn chili is Ken's wife's own recipe and they sell 8-12 gallons a week.
5. Farmhouse not only serves Boar's Head meats and cheeses on their sandwiches, they also sell them by the pound and by the bulk package.
6. In September, Farmhouse Sandwiches will also serve beer and wine.


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