Man Rings St. Charles County Paramedics Doorbell 'My Wife's Having a Baby, Now'

Local paramedics delivered a baby girl at 3 a.m. at the Dardenne Prairie base on Jan. 8.

The doorbell rang at 3 a.m. and roused four sleeping paramedics in Dardenne Prairie on January 8. 

It was expectant dad Brad Limbaugh, of Wright City, at the door and he needed help.

"My wife’s having a baby, now, her water just broke," he told the St. Charles County Ambulance District crew. 

Paramedics looked out to see Jamie Limbaugh, 32, exiting the car and saying, “I can feel the baby’s head.”

Jamie was quickly brought inside and laid down on the carpeted living room. Paramedics Ed Williams, Trish Kohlenhoefer, Lisa Cassidy and Greg Pendleton took a team approach, with Williams taking the lead.

Williams could see the baby’s head crowning. On the next contraction Jamie pushed and the baby’s head appeared and after another push, the baby was delivered.

Paramedics quickly suctioned, dried and warmed the 8 pound 5 ounce baby girl.

Mom and baby “Kenzie” were transported to St Luke’s Hospital in Chesterfield.

Williams said this was the 14th baby he’s had a hand in delivering over the course of his 37 year career.

 “This is the first time I’ve delivered a baby at a base and it was the easiest delivery I ever been part of," he said. “I had plenty of help and we all took a role in the delivery.

St. Charles County Ambulance District paramedics will reunite with baby Kenzie and her family this Friday at St Charles County Ambulance Base 15, 1120 Fiese Rd, Dardenne Prairie. 


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