O'Fallon Residents Honored For Saving Teen's Life

Four neighbors provided first aid when an O'Fallon teen severely cut his arm on a window this past spring.

A group of O'Fallon residents were recently recognized for quick thinking and brave actions that lead to saving a local teen's life earlier this year. 

On Thursday, Sept. 27 O'Fallon Police Chief Roy Joachimstaler presented Citizen Service Awards to: 

  • Mike Rosinski
  • Deb Scanlon
  • Kevin Scanlon
  • Nada Abuhamdeh

"Normally I'm honored to present awards to police officers, but tonight, I'm just as honored, to give out some awards to our citizens," Joachimstaler said. 

Back in April, 14-year-old Scott, of O'Fallon boy, was injured when he attempted to get inside of his own home through a front window. 

Joachimstaler said the victim's father, Paul, explained his son came home from school and when no one was home. When the wireless garage door didn't work, he tried to get inside through all of the doors and windows instead of waiting the 45 minutes until his mother returned.

Scott pushed through a window, breaking the glass and severing his his left tricep, bundles of nerves, 50 percent of his left bicep, veins and his artery.

"He had the presence of mind to walk toward the street yelling for help and holding his arm," Joachimstaler said. "He flagged down Nada  Abuhamdeh, who was on her way home from school and she immediately started helping him."

When police arrived police discovered four neighbors, Rosinski, Abuhamdeh and the Scanlons, provided first aid to the teen, making a tournequett and keeping him concious until emergency responders arrived.

"He had lost a tremendous amount of blood and was ultimately air lifted to Children's Hospital then transferred to Barnes, where he underwent six hours of surgery," Joachimstaler said.

The chief praised the residents and thanked them for their brave actions.

"These citizens helped save his arm and more importantly, his life," Joachimstaler said,"They displayed unselfish devotion to one's fellow man and without their quick and decisive actions, Scott's fate could have been drastically different."


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