Dancing with the Soul

Many spiritual and religious teachings believe that some part of us continues after we pass from physical existence.

This past week, Elizabeth Taylor made her transition. Beautiful, talented and charitable, she lived her life to the fullest. Whether you agree with her choices or not, she was not afraid to take risks or to stand up for what she believed in, especially in becoming one of the first activists to push for a cure for HIV.

 Taylor dived into love like it was the most exquisite of dishes.  Her relationship with Richard Burton, whom she married twice, strikes me as an example of an intense type of soul mate connection.

In spiritual teachings, a soul mate is someone with whom we have shared previous lifetimes. Taylor's connection with Burton fueled great sensation and scandal at the time. It brought to light this powerful type of relationship that causes our souls to awaken. As for Taylor, she gave us many things, and we wish her peace on her journey.  

What Is a Soul Mate?

Many spiritual and religious teachings believe that some part of us continues after we pass from physical existence. The belief is that we live many lifetimes returning to learn spiritual lessons from our human experiences. One of the meanings of the word "lesson" in spirituality is"karma." Karma is not necessarily an "eye for an eye," but instead the repeating of a process or lesson until we can realize our true nature. Our true nature is that we are spiritual beings on a connected journey and the deepest truth of that passage is that we are love.  

Soul mates are the ones we continually meet in our lifetimes who are really there to help us wake up and realize our true spirits. When we meet them,  we feel an instant connection and a sense of familiarity. There is a spark or an instant bond that is almost like electricity. However, some soul mates may inspire the opposite feelings of dread and dislike, as their connection with us may have been to teach us some of the harder lessons of life.

Not Always Romantic

There are other soul mates who are not necessarily romantic connections but friends, relatives, mentors and so forth.  Sometimes, a romantic soul mate connection is like a drug taking over the senses and pulling us away from our lives and previous mates. However, it is important to remember that this type of relationship can also be a great and long-lasting journey of working and building together.

Often a soul mate will come into our lives to help us complete a task or create a project. That venture could be a child or children, a business, a cure for a disease or a social or political enterprise.  Since ancient times, spirituality has taught us that we are more than our bodies. Now quantum mechanics evolves with new paradigms such as "string theory" to give us even more answers or questions. Soul mates come into our lives to help us. The intense spark that is created in the melding of two connected souls can open up a vortex of information.  

Who Are Your Teachers?

Look around and examine the people who are in your field. What are they teaching you? How can you inspire others to see the miracle of their lives? First, you start by looking in the mirror and remembering who you are.

Tom Bedwell March 27, 2011 at 10:06 PM
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