O'Fallon Target Stores Set for Makeovers

New PFresh concept will bring produce, bakery and meat items to locations on highways K and N.

O’Fallon residents will soon see changes popping up at their local Target department stores.

The Target locations on highways N and K are the latest stores to be scheduled for a changeover that will see the retailer offering fresh fruit and vegetables and an expanded variety of fresh packaged meats and bakery items.

Known as PFresh, it’s a concept the chain is introducing to stores around the nation. Pioneered by the retailer in 2008, the idea involves a more extensive grocery selection that features exclusive Target brands.

“Target’s new expanded food layout was created in response to research and feedback from guests who requested more fresh food selection in the convenience of their local Target store,” states a news release from the company. “Understanding and giving guests what they want is a key part of what makes this new layout so successful.”

A previous Target release on the concept said PFresh stores often feature a 50 percent to 200 percent increase in food after the remodel.

Helena Mellnick, executive team leader on the sales floor for the at 7955 Highway N, said the Brentwood location was the first in the St. Louis area to convert to PFresh. Her location is set to go through the revamp beginning in mid-July with completion expected in early October.

She said the selection will be impressive, including an array of fresh meats and produce.

“Obviously, it’ll have everything fresh as far as bananas, apples, watermelons and in-season fruit as well as lettuce, peppers and some herbs,” Mellnick said. “We’ll also have more bakery items, like cupcakes, muffins and breads.”

Mellnick’s store also will see a few other changes with the remodel including new signage and adjustments in shelving in the shoe and home décor departments.

“The actual shelves are going to be shorter so you can see over them,” she said. “Your eye view is going to be expanded.”

She said the project is designed to improve the customer experience.

“It will be more of a one-stop shop for sure,” she said. “As you are coming in, a lot of people already get their milk and a few snacks here and there. Now they can pick up even more.”

Further north at the at 2300 Highway K, the remodel is already underway and is set for completion by late July.

A store representative who did not wish to give her full name said her location will add the expanded fresh vegetable, meat and bakery selection as part of the PFresh concept. There  also will be fresh paint and other improvements in the Target Café as well as adding more freezers and coolers to augment food choices there.

She said customers definitely will notice the changes once they are finished.

“We’re just very excited that it’s happening and can’t wait until it’s done,” she said. “Guests are excited that we are having fresh meat and fresh produce coming to our store.”


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