MasterCard Continues International Growth

With an operations headquarters in O'Fallon, MasterCard has continued to grow overseas with revenue rising 5 percent in September.

Business continues to grow for MasterCard. 

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported on Wednesday that business increased in each area of the third quarter of business. The company's revenue grew by 5 percent from 2011, as of September.

MasterCard has its global operations center in O'Fallon, near the intersection of Winghaven Boulevard and Highway 40. The center employes thousands of area residents.

From the article:

"(MasterCard) processed 8.7 billion transactions, an increase of 24 percent over last year. Excluding the U.S., people spent 15 percent more money using MasterCard-branded cards on a local-currency basis. Americans spent about 7 percent more using MasterCard plastic. The overall volume of purchases rose 12 percent on a local currency basis to $676 billion."

According to the article, this quarter MasterCard partnered with businesses in Europe and the Czech Republic and there are still more opportunities for expanision.

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