O'Fallon CVS Pharmacy Expected to Open in October

Mobil On the Run at Highway K and N was torn down to make way for the new pharmacy that is currently under construction.

CVS Pharmacy is expected to open its doors in  by late October. 

O'Fallon Patch previously reported in March that  at the southeast corner of the intersection of Highway K and Highway N, where the On the Run gas station previously stood.

This land, which is owned by Arch Energy, is  subdivided into two lots because a cell phone tower sits on the property.

The  was torn down to make way for the new drugstore. 

The Country Club Car Wash, located at 2999 Highway K at the northwest intersection—across from  old site—is adding the gas station's convenience shop to its location.

 locations are under the same ownership, so the only change is the type of convenience store on the inside. 

Construction began on both projects in early May 2012. 

Bill Arnold, project manager of Tri-C Construction Company, said work should be complete on CVS by the end of September. He added the store is expected to open three weeks later, towards the end of October. 

Representatives for Country Club Carwash were not immediately available for updated information on construction. 

O'Fallon Patch will update with more information as it becomes available. 

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Edward February 13, 2013 at 07:10 PM
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