O'Fallon Food Inspections: Pizza, Pizza, Pizza and More

Check out the most recent food inspection reports from the St. Charles County Health Department from July 1 to August 31, 2013.

St. Charles County Department of Community Health and the Environment regularly inspects food service establishments throughout St. Charles County, except for within limits of St. Peters.

The establishments begin with a score of 100 and points are deducted based on the severity of problems observed. According to the department's website, a low score does not mean the restaurant was unsafe on the day of the inspection.

"A place could have just one deficiency that garners a relatively 'high' score out of 100, but that the problem is so critical, it forces immediate action – while another may have two or three non-critical deficiencies that would give that provider a lower total score," said Doug Bolnick, health department spokesman.

Below, find inspection scores of area food service establishments in July and August 2013. To look up other scores, visit the health department's Food Inspection Page.
  • Pantera’s Pizza (22 O’Fallon Plaza), score 100
  • Domino’s Pizza (3441 Pheasant Meadows Dr.), score 91
  • Domino’s Pizza (8760 Veterans Memorial Pkwy.), score 87
  • Imo’s Piza (9951 Winghaven Blvd.), score 95
  • A Better Pizza (8622 Mexico Rd.), score 95
  • Imo’s Pizza (625 N. Main St.), score 98
  • Little Caesar’s Pizza (614 Northman), score 95
  • Papa John’s (929 Hwy. K), score 96
  • Edible Arrangements (1308 Hwy. K), score 100
  • Cupcake Amore (2443 Hwy. K), score 100
  • Dairy Queen (817 N. Main Street), score 90
  • Yolo’s Catering (801 Runny Meade Rd.), score 94
  • Quintessential Catering (801 Runny Mead Rd.), score 98
  • Starbuck’s (100 Laura Key Dr.), score 95


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