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Sale Today!
Sign up for $0 with 12 month EFT registration, draft begins February 1, 2014.  Call 636.272.3434 or at O'Fallon Jazzercise Center.

Class Schedule
5:15am Mon thru Fri
7am Sat
8:20am 7 days/week
9:30am 7 days/week
*3:45pm Sun thru Fri
4:30pm Mon thru Thurs
5:30pm Mon thru Thurs
6:30pm  Mon/Wed
*Childcare is available 9:30am Mon thru Fri No additional cost
45 minutes strength training and toning.
 We target all muscle groups to maximize a full body toning.(Sat 8:20am & Sun 3:45pm)
30 Minutes of cardio and upper body strength training.  Great for those days when you have limited time.(Mon thru Fri 3:45pm)
Regular 60 minute class.  
Cardio and strength training combined in this class designed to burn 600 calories.  In these classes you will get a variety of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), circuit, kickboxing, latin, dance aerobics and strength training always to target those stubborn areas; abdominals, legs and upper body.  We mix it up using tubes, balls and weights.This class format is offered all remaining times from the above description.


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