Fireworks: Enforcing Common Sense

We do not have to establish a new "ban" or ordinance for fireworks, since one already exists, but the question is: will it be enforced or not this year?

I just read an article that in Indiana there are 10 counties enforcing a ban on fireworks due to extreme drought conditions. I find this to be a great idea but also a little sad that common sense should have to be enforced. 

Here in O'Fallon MO, it is bone dry, and we do not have to establish a new "ban" or . Yet the question remains to be seen if it will be . So far, from the fire works that I have already heard, my guess would be not. 

I wonder how many people will get hurt this year and how much property will get damaged while people are expressing their patriotism?  

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Carmen Sida June 27, 2012 at 04:09 PM
Thank you Jim! I just feel that everyone should be able to enjoy the holiday and not have to worry about the chaos created by minority of irresponsible individuals and their mini explosives. Last year I had roman candle fireballs aimed at my home by a sixteen year old. This year as dry as it is right now my yard would undoubtedly catch fire. I do not like to have to be the "mean" neighbor and call the police but if they will not enforce the ordinance any other way I will have to.
Russ Mreen June 27, 2012 at 05:40 PM
I have seen police drive by on my street, even watching the people set the fireworks on fire then drive by. Not once have they gotten out their car to enforce the law. What is going to take is that someone will have to lose their house to fireworks then sue the city for not enforce the laws.
Rich Pope June 27, 2012 at 09:43 PM
These concerns shouldn't have to be "forwarded" to the mayor and police chief. These guys should already know what's going on! "Mr. Police Chief...I just wanted to pass along that people are shooting fireworks off in O'fallon." "Really? Oh yeah...I did notice a bunch of firework stands selling fireworks. Hmm...I never made the connection. Better call the mayor!"
Elizabeth June 28, 2012 at 12:46 PM
We will probably stay home this year instead of attending the city celebration. The dry season is ripe for fires and already the revelers are enjoying their booty. The thought of coming home to a burned out shell because someone's bottle rocket landed in the wrong place is enough to keep me at home. Especially since the police department made it clear then the ban was passed that they have no intention of enforcing the ordinance. I believe the "official" response I received when I called to complain about violators was "the officer has to see someone in action in order to bother with a citation. We can't send a patrol car to your neighbor hood because they will probably be finished before the officer arrives and since he won't be there to see it, it would be a waste of time." Another time, when an officer actually DID see someone shooting off fireworks he told them they weren't supposed to be doing that and to not let him see them do it again. (wink, wink). They chatted it up for a few minutes and then the officer left. Once he was out of the subdivision, the fireworks started right back up. Now I'm the sort of person who leans heavily to the personal liberty side of an argument, but when there actually IS a law, I expect it to be upheld. Otherwise, throw the dang law out. Why have it at all?
Ryan June 29, 2012 at 07:00 PM
I'd rather have our police officers keeping drunk drivers and speeders in check. I think that's a larger threat than an errant bottle rocket, and a better use of resources.


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