Abused Blind Puppy Now Available for Adoption

Phoenix was found with chemical burns on his back and has now been diagnosed with progressive retinal degeneration.

Phoenix a 9-month-old American Bulldog mix. When Five Acres rescued him he had been abused and had chemical burns on his back.  Not only was he recovering from chemical burns but he also had mange. He received treatment for the mange and the area on his back that was burned now has hair. Phoenix recovered well and, despite a rough start, loves people! We recently noticed Phoenix’s eyes looked strange and he seemed confused and unable to focus.

Our veterinarian diagnosed him with Progressive Retinal Degeneration- Phoenix is going blind.  He already has some cataracts in his eyes.  It is congenital and there is no medication or surgery that can fix it.  This has not stopped Phoenix from being an energetic puppy! 

He will be a special needs adoption.  He needs someone willing to take on a dog that will eventually be blind. He will also benefit from training. A trainer that volunteers at the shelter has offered his services at a reduced price. All Phoenix wants is someone to love him and give him the home he desperately needs.  We hope he can find a home and become adjusted before he completely loses his vision.

Five Acres Animal Shelter is a 501c3 nonprofit organization located in St. Charles. Our mission is to end pet homelessness, promote responsible pet ownership and advocate for animal welfare. We are the only no kill shelter in St. Charles County and rely completely on private support. We rescue and find homes for hundreds of dogs and cats every year. In addition to our adoption program, we have a humane education program and Animeals pet food pantry for low income pet owners. To learn more about our shelter visit www.fiveacresanimalshelter.org and follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pages/Five-Acres-Animal-Shelter/214975568526615


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