UPDATE: Blanchette Bridge Eastbound Lane Closure Extension Cancelled

MoDOT does not expect any additional traffic impacts in the eastbound direction during rush hour.

The following information is from a MoDOT news release.

Update: MoDOT I-70 eastbound lane closure extension cancelled. MoDOT  will continue to have the normal lane closure eastbound I-70 starting
half way across the bridge. The westbound I-70 left lane closure starts at
Earth City to the bridge. This left lane closed in each direction is
scheduled to continue through Oct. 9.

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) continues work on the Blanchette Bridge with an extended eastbound lane closure on Monday afternoon.

One lane in each direction has been closed for repairs on I-70 at the St. Louis end of the Blanchette Missouri River Bridge since Friday, Sept. 14. 

The eastbound lane closure currently starts about half way across the bridge,
since the crews have been working to build the pavement in the median on
the St. Louis end of the bridge. 

On Monday afternoon, the eastbound left lane closure starts
at approximately the Fairgrounds Road overpass (between Route 94 and Fifth
Street) so the crews can do one last pour of concrete to build the median
pavement on the St. Charles end of the bridge.  

The left lane is already closed on the bridge, and this afternoon's work will have the lane closure starting about a 1/2 mile sooner.

The work will begin at 2:30 p.m. until approximately midnight.  After
midnight, the lane closure on eastbound I-70 will return to starting in the
middle of the eastbound Missouri River bridge.

Crews are getting the last concrete in on the St. Charles end of the bridge
today, since the forecast calls for rain the next six days. 

MoDOT does not expect any additional traffic impacts in the
eastbound direction during rush hour.

The median pavement on either end of the bridge will be used starting the
first of November, when the westbound I-70 Blanchette Bridge is closed for
repairs for one year.  

Westbound I-70 will be diverted across the temporary median pavement onto the eastbound Blanchette Bridge, which will handle
three lanes in each direction.

For more information on the project, visit


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