Did JFK Counterfeit Money?

"If you do that, they will kill you."

The assasination of JFK has fascinated people for years.  My mom grew up with Lee Bowers who witnessed the assasination and when his story didn't match that of what the FBI wanted, he died a mysterious death.

My former cello teacher was investigated by the Warren Commision because of a conversation he had with Lee Harvey Oswald at a coctail party.

I used to eat pizza at The Egyptian Lounge in Dallas.  Secret Service agents hung out there the night before the assasination, partying with booze and strippers.

But why was Kennedy assasinated?  There were three attempts on his life.  Once in Chicago, once in Florida and lastly, in Dallas.  There were at least three hit teams present that day.  We know for a fact there was more than one shooter. 

Lots of people were mad at Kennedy.  The CIA was angry because of the Bay of Pigs fiasco.  The mob was angry because of how Kennedy and his brother were cracking down on organized crime.  The Cubans were angry as well.

There is one event I would like to focus on that many people don't know about. 

Five months before the fatal shooting in Dallas, JFK silently and secretly signed a bill into a law that allowed him to print money.  $4.2 billion was then produced by the U.S. Department of the Treasury. 

To understand what a big deal this was, it's important to clarify something.  People think the US Government has the authority to print money.  Actually, it's the Federal Reserve that has that authority.  Look at the top of any piece of paper money.  It reads, "Federal Reserve Note".  The Federal Reserve isn't part of the US Government.  It's a group of private banks, which joined together to form the Federal Reserve System in 1913.  U.S. banknotes do not belong to the United States.

In fact, the government must borrow money at interest from the Fed in order to balance its budget.  However, on Kennedy's bills the words "United States Note" were printed.  There is no way he was going to get away with this.

The Federal Reserve saw this as a serious attack on its power.  In fact, JFK's father said, "If you do that, they will kill you."  Notice the word "they" in that statement. 

It's also interesting to note that after the assassination of Kennedy, the first offical act of his successor, Lyndon B. Johnson, was to remove all the Kennedy money from circulation. 

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