Vote NO To Save Your Sheriff's Department In St. Charles County

Are you aware of the power grab, by the County Executive's office, that will take place in St. Charles County if you vote to change the way law enforcement is chosen?

Vote NO on the Law Enforcement Question on the St. Charles Ballot

Every St. Charles County resident should know the facts about the proposed ballot initiative (County Charter Law Enforcement) that will forever change the rights of the people to choose how law enforcement is run in their county.

The Council put this initiative on the ballot without doing any financial due diligence. Costs are unknown and would likely be more than estimated costs from proponents, as it will create an additional bureaucratic department within our county government.

It will not provide additional protection for county citizens. The remaining diminished Sheriff’s department will not have law enforcement powers/duties.

It will take away your right to vote for your law enforcement (Sheriff). A Police Chief will be appointed by and answer only to the County Executive.

There is no detailed plan for the new department’s structure, including specifications for the new position’s (Police Chief) job qualifications.

This action will bloat bureaucracy in our county government. Bloated bureaucracy means MORE TAXES!!! VOTE NO!!!

Go to SaveOurSherriffDept.com

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Dan Lacy October 26, 2012 at 07:46 PM
Something needs to change. The current Sheriff's Department seems to be lacking or understanding it's role. Why do St. Charles County police cars routinely exceed the speed limit without responding to an urgent call or being in pursuit of another vehicle? They get in the far left lane and generally cruise with only a couple of fingers on the steering wheel at anywhere from 75 to 80 mph in a 60 mph speed limit zone. No emergency lights or siren. This is common practice. During these times, they are often on their cell phones. I have also seen someone in the back seat, probably a prisoner, being transported under these conditions. Hardly an emergency. And why do some Sheriff's Deputies reside outside of St. Charles County? I know there is at least one that resides in Troy, MO (Lincoln County); why is this? A couple of mottos come to mind: "to serve and protect" and "firm but polite."
kevin October 27, 2012 at 08:12 AM
They live out of county because they don't make enough to live in the county!!! I'm not a cop...and I'm not sure if everything you said was true or not...but what's wrong with them living out of this county! I never understood that. Who cares if they live in or out of it. Now with the first part of what you said is true then that should be stoped but you know there's always gonna be one or two bad apples.


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