Making Holiday Parties a Bit Healthier

Here are some tips to navigate the diet pitfalls of holiday parties.

As the holiday season goes into full gear, you’re probably making decisions about food choices and activities based on “Do I have the time or does it really matter?” Fortunately, you can pull a little bit of healthy into your holiday routine with the following tips.

  • Have a plan so you know which foods you want to eat and which can you do without.
  • Don't go to parties hungry, because hunger leads to overeating.
  • When you get to the party, get a drink and socialize, then scope out the food. Decide on a few items you really want to try, and don’t sample for the duration of the party.
  • Drink sparkling water or club soda with a twist instead of alcohol, or at least drink it or another calorie-free beverage between alcoholic drinks.
  • Don't hover around the food table so you don’t continue snacking as you chat.
  • Pick larger portions of high-fiber, low-calorie foods.
  • Choose smaller portions of your high-calorie, favorite foods.
  • Eat slowly and savor what you choose to help avoid seconds.
  • Keep in mind that you’re there to socialize first and not just to eat.

Parties are meant to be enjoyed, so food will always be a big part of them but you can manage how you eat to ensure that the food doesn’t become the biggest part of the party. If you overindulge during the next three weeks, remember that there are 49 weeks in the year, and you can easily use that time to make healthy a part of what you do.  

Remember to enjoy the season and the time you have with family and friends!

Happy Holidays!



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