Readers React to College's Student Cannabis Club

Cougars for Cannabis is a new club at St. Charles Community College which has stirred debate on campus. We want to know what you think about the issue.

Wednesday's story that featured one St. Charles Community College's newest student clubs, the Cougars for Cannabis Club, sparked a lengthy debate on if student fees should be used for a club that seeks to legalize the use of marijuana. 

The club’s goal is to create discourse on cannabis policy and to advocate for decriminalization and regulation of marijuana. They plan to organize voter-registration and petition drives and work with NORML, the national nonprofit working to change marijuana laws.

But the club’s very existence on campus has been the subject of debate for several months. For more on this story, .

Almost as soon as the story was posted on Wednesday, St. Charles Patch readers began to chime in with their opinions. 

"Freedom of speech....absolutely," said , a Patch reader. "Taking a stand to help bring about change to what many feel is a silly prohibition in our society....extra points, in my book. I just question the when and where. Would an 18 year old be allowed to start a club at SCCC called "Teen Mixers" that is geared toward teens who want to see the legal drinking age lowered? No one cares if "cougars" are smoking weed, but will they care that SCCC is subsidizing a group of underage drinkers?"

"Some of the most important breakthroughs in history stem from discussions begun on college and university campuses," said , another reader. "Policies regarding civil rights, suffrage and war were debated everyday on campuses across the country. Besides, I don't think our government is doing such a great job on their war on drugs. Let's hear from the future leaders of our country. Give them a voice."

But not all agreed with the group's intent. 

This absolutely ridiculus,"  said. "A tax payer funded institution allowing a club for illegal activity...DUH! Stop the nonsense or return my tax dollars ...... and I will reconsider my children attending such an institution!"

What do you think? Is the cannabis club protected under First Ammendment rights? Do you think student fees should go to support groups like this? Weigh in now with a comment below.

Kelley Pfeiffer May 11, 2012 at 05:05 PM
Hi Brian, Just to clarify, when I spoke with Kalen the other day, she indicated that she had the correct, full name of the club. I didn't see it listed in the article, so I thought I'd post it so you have it. It's "SCC Students for Sensible Drug Policy." Thanks!
Jillian Galloway May 11, 2012 at 05:25 PM
"JKK" is 100% wrong. This group is about changing the law, NOT breaking the law. It most definitely is NOT "a club for illegal activity"!! Our legislators also talk about changing the law - that's their job. Are they "a club for illegal activity"? Would there be so much outcry if this group was trying to change a different law? And maybe the marijuana laws should be changed? The relevant question is "does this law create more good than harm" for there is NO reason why taxpayers should pay $40 Billion a year for a law that make them LESS safe and which causes more harm to more people than what it prevents! A fundamental problem with the marijuana prohibition is that it doesn't stop people using marijuana. If it did then after seventy years of prohibition there wouldn't be a stick of marijuana left here - but as we all know there's tons of the stuff here and more coming in every day. We will NEVER end the demand, purchase and consumption of marijuana in this country! We all know that demand drives supply, and if we make that supply illegal we'll simply create illegal supply. That's what happened when we made alcohol illegal and that's what happened when we made marijuana illegal. And the bad thing about that is that illegal suppliers are a whole lot more ruthless than legal suppliers! 10,000 murders in Mexico each year and drug dealers on our streets trying to sell to OUR children is testament to that! Drug dealers don't card, Supermarkets do!


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