Thoughts On the Presidential Debate

The Debate from 3 October 2012.

Last night I saw the debate. I found several things interesting about it, but mostly I noticed that Mitt Romney appeared to be attempting to sell America a broken used car. Let me point out here that this is my observation and hopefully that of the average person out there.

Mitt's point about the Affordable Care Act or Obama Care, was that this act takes 716 billion from Medicare. True and false. What it does do is take money that is generated by cutting the Health care costs and use it to make insurace affordable to all Americans.

This is over a 10 year period not one-year as the Republican ads seem to indicate. I would also point out that this act is already in effect for most of us while the rich do not see the benifits as yet.

The economy is slowly recovering. Granted it is on the middle class, where are you????, but when you have to recover 30 years of abuse nothing happens overnight.  Who does not pay much if anything to the economy? 

Anyone who makes below $14,000 a year or over 2 million a year. The rest all contribute something to the economy. I have seen the problems as I do taxes once a year for all who need the help so yes those figures are accurate to a point.  Did either side give any economic reforms? 

No because the figures Romney uses indicate a worse economy rather than better.  Reduce the taxes for the rich while increasing spending of factories is Trickle down theory and it does not work. The Federal Government cannot create jobs except where they are the Employer. If you are rich then yes trickle down theory works as all the money ends up in your pocket.

Education. Well, the U.S. education system is so full of holes that you could drive a big rig right though all of them and still have room left over for the odd planet Saturn to go along side. Who is at fault? Partially the wealthy with their ideas of voucher system.  Mostly it is a generational thing. 

The Children of the 1960's are the ones who should take the blame. Race identity is one thing, Gender identity is one thing but what about National identity? The federal government can only do so much to help it is up to the local people to fix the problem.

While Romney did not have the time to tackle foriegn policy let me point out here that as a state governor he has no foriegn policy.  It is easy to point fingers and say this is how I would have done this but when Romney went overseas it took The Clintons, both Bushes, and a whole lot of ambassadors to calm down the relations Romney angered.  Does he care about that? Not as far as I was able to determine. 

He was just there to stir the pot.  It was left to the people and soldiers to determine the damage and how to repair the damage left behind.

Finally, while Romney appeared ready for a fight the major impression I got from him was a Used Car Salesman trying to sell me a car that will need thousands of dollars of repairs before I can even drive it. Obama appeared to be the one holding his temper, attempting to explain to the audience that the math does not add up.  Yes he was confused but that was due to the math the other side was using. When Obama stated the facts he was stating facts not calculating from sky figures.

I would also point out that with the Republican House and a Democratic Senate absolutely nothing has gotten done. The Republicans all are screaming NO!NO!NO! and did I say NO! 

This may be due to the Tea Party, but that is the Republican thing for the last six years.  All that comes across to me is kick the can down the road and hope you don't see it again.  The Democrats have come across as what is the problem and how can we fix it.  Again this is just a contrast to what I am seeing not the actual situation.  My own view is that all members of congress should wear a corporate logo on their coats just so we know who we are voting in rather than who we think is representing us.

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Rich Pope October 04, 2012 at 07:39 PM
Philip, you should change your name to Hellen Keller because you appear to be deaf, blind and mute.
Philip October 05, 2012 at 03:32 AM
Rich Perhaps I am blind, and Deaf, and Mute. Perhaps not. Yes Romney did win the debate, and yes Romney did not give specifics. My opinion of Romney is that of a Used Car Salesman is just that My Opinion. Blind to the facts? List yours and look and see just who is giving the Facts. Fact Congress has done nothing for the Economy for the last 30 years. Yes we have had good times and Bad but nothing from Congress to help us on our way. Fact for the last 6 years Republicans have been screaming NO to any tax proposal unless it favors the Corporate World or Rich Americans. Fact over 60% of Congress is sponsored by some Corporation or another due to Super PAC involvement. Fact 50% or more of Congress is over Retirement Age and should be replaced by younger more eager members. If I am wrong then prove it with your own set of facts.


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