Local Hero: O'Fallon Police Officer Saves Infant

Officer Holly Milatovic performed CPR on a 12-week old baby to save his life in July.

An was honored last week for quick thinking and action that saved a local baby earlier this summer.

Officer Holly Milatovic received a Letter of Commendation Award from Police Chief Roy Joachimstaler at last Thursday's City Council meeting.

Joachimstaler said on July 16 at 10 a.m., Milatovic responded to a call from a mother reporting her 12-week-old son had stopped breathing.

Milatovic arrived at the home within three minutes and observed the mother kneeling over the infant, who was lying lifeless on his back.

"His mother was overcome with emotion and pleaded with Holly to help her son," Joachimstaler said. "Holly, recognizing the severity of the situation, kept her cool and later told me, relied on her training, checking the infant for pulse and for breathing."

After observing neither, the officer began CPR. She administered 15 chest compressions and the infant took a small breath and began breathing on his own, before he abruptly stopped breathing again.

Milatovic began CPR again and the baby soon began taking short breaths on his own and opened his eyes. 

Emergency medical personnel arrived, transporting the mother and child to an area hospital.

"The infant, when he was leaving, was now crying and breathing on his own, no doubt, due to Officer Milatovic's quick and decisive actions," Joachimstaler said.

Officer Milatovic rode with the mother to the hospital, calming her and providing her reassurance, even staying with her at the hospital until other family members arrived.

"Holly remained calm in exreme crisis, without her life saving actions, the infant's life, may not have been saved," Joachimstaler said. "She brought comfort to the family during and after the incident, showing true dedication to the preservation of life." 

Joachimstaler said this is a true testament to Milatovic's character, not only as a police officer, but as a caring human being.


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