Man Convicted in Naked, LSD-Fueled Assault on Woman, Officer in Mobile Home

Scott M. Davis, 23, was convicted Friday of the attack in Pine Oaks Park last year.

Scott M. Davis, 23, was convicted of an assault with a medieval replica spiked mace.
Scott M. Davis, 23, was convicted of an assault with a medieval replica spiked mace.

A St. James man was found guilty Friday of assaulting a woman and an O’Fallon police officer. Scott M. Davis, 23, was naked during the April 28, 2012 assault and had taken LSD, according to court documents.

Davis was convicted of first-degree assault, first-degree assault on a law officer and armed criminal action.

The jury recommended sentences of 15 years for assault on a law enforcement officer, 10 years for the first-degree assault and five years for armed criminal action, according to a St. Louis Post Dispatch article

O’Fallon police said that when Officer Thomas Kenyon arrived, Davis was naked and assaulting a 29-year-old St. James woman, who was attempting to drive away in a minivan in the 7900 block of Oak Bark Court in the Pine Oaks Park mobile home park.

Davis was hanging inside the driver’s side window of the van, assaulting the woman.

Police said Kenyon got the man’s attention off the woman and onto him.

After a brief verbal exchange, the suspect charged at Kenyon without any warning, according to police. Kenyon fired a taser at Davis, but it had little effect, police said.

Davis was charged with hitting the woman and the officer with a replica of a medieval, spiked mace.

During a violent struggle, the suspect tried several times to grab the officer’s taser and gun. Davis also choked, bit him in the fact and hit him with the taser. Police say the officer shot the Davis in the arm to subdue him.

After the first shot, the suspect continued his assault and the officer fired a second shot, hitting the man in the leg. When other officers arrived, Davis continued to fight and struggle, police said.

The woman was treated for facial fractures and admitted to an area hospital.

The O’Fallon police department later presented Kenyon with a medal of valor for his effort in arresting Davis.







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