O'Fallon Resident Tazed After Stepson Breaks into Home

The victim's stepson and another man broke into his home, damaged property and assaulted him, police said.

Two men broke into an O’Fallon home on April 20 to assault their stepfather, according to an report.

Daryn M. Phipps, 18, was Wednesday in St. Charles County Circuit Court with burglary. Police are seeking a second man who participated in the break-in, said Officer Diana Damke of .

According to the police report, Phipps and another man drove their vehicle up into Phipps' mother and stepfather's yard in the 1000 block of Fawn Ridge Drive, striking the mailbox. They forced open the locked front door, damaging it.

Once inside, the second man shocked Phipps’ stepfather with a Taser-like device, causing him to fall to the floor, police said in the report. Meanwhile, Phipps broke a coffee table and the front window, police said.

Two other witnesses were present, police said.

The report said that Phipps has committed three crimes against the victim in the past six months. He was placed on probation in January after damaging his stepfather’s Ford F-150 pickup by throwing rocks at it, causing more than $750 in damages.

Police said Phipps insisted on giving his mother and stepfather’s address as his current address, even though an ex parte order does not allow him to be there. A St. Charles County judge granted the family an order of protection in March in an adult abuse stalking case.


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