O'Fallon's DWI Checkpoints Yield Five DWI Arrests

The checkpoints were held on Saturday, August 24.

The O'Fallon Police Department issued a press release Friday, Sept. 6 with the results of its recent DWI checkpoints that were held on Sat., Aug. 24.

The checkpoints yielded: 
  • 5 DWI arrests
  • 4 driving while suspended arrests
  • 2 fugitive arrests
  • 6 misdemeanor drug possession arrests
  • 1 felony drug possession arrest
The DWI checkpoints were staffed by officers from multiple agencies with the St. Charles Multi-Jurisdictional DUI Enforcement Task Force. 

"Driving while intoxicated remains one of the top causes of fatal car crashes in Missouri," the press release stated. "In 2012, 230 people were killed and 868 seriously injured in crashes involving an impairied driver. The City of O'Fallon continues to encourage drivers to make a simple, smart choice to drive sober."
Mr. O' Fallon September 09, 2013 at 04:02 PM
Congratulations to the Officers of the “Multi-Jurisdictional D.U.I./D.W.I. County Task Force.” I have ZERO tolerance for any drinking and under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It is like driving a loaded missile around town and can change a family in an instance. My problem is that the Municipal and County Prosecutors need to fully prosecute all repeat offenders and not make any deals when driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The Police Officers and the Law Enforcement Staff in the City of O’ Fallon and Saint Charles County are frustrated that they are doing their jobs in arresting/getting of the street repeat offenders, but then when it goes through the Judicial Process, deals for “No Parking” or “Littering” is the amended charge. Does that make sense to any one besides the repeat offender?
Cunninglinguest September 14, 2013 at 11:05 PM
Just be honest for once and admit it. There is nothing that can be done about people driving under the influence. Alcohol is America's drug of choice and it's legal. So the checkpoint only yielded 5 DWI arrests. Big deal. I suppose it's better than none. It's impossible to know how many people DUI on any day/night and are not caught. My guess is the number is staggering. Too bad checkpoints can't be setup out side of bars and other establishments that serve alcohol. Imagine how many you could nail if you set up checkpoints outside stadiums and concert venues. Drinkers know that the chances of being nailed are slim, so they go for it. And what can really be done about repeat DWI offenders? What are you going to do, put them in prison? Clog up the jails and prisons with DWI offenders on the taxpayers dime? I think not. Taking their license doesn't work. You could even take possession of their vehicles but that won't work either. As long as America's drug of choice is legal, you'll never put even a small dent in the problem. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! Drink up ye merry men and start your engines!
Nhoj Luap Martreb September 16, 2013 at 12:19 AM
So Cunninglinguest.... You've obviously spent the larger portion of your're Grand knowledge Complaining of an issue that you have no remedy for, nor any legal suggestion??.... The Very Good people of our communities are satisfied that the good officers and legal entities are doing the best of their ability to re- direct the offences you seem to deem incurable.... Or, are you one of the offenders? just looking for an out?! The GOOD people of our communities are giving suggestions, helping our country to grow, and appreciate all that our Country offers, and the GOOD people offer... Not negative recourse, and certainly not the " I give up " attitude as you are proclaiming.... Far too many Brave and weary men and women have given their time for the cause of a Free nation under God.... And their Lives. Do you "Just to be Honest" think, they and we do this in order for you to lay waste to make every effort for society to enjoy freedom? So what is it you intend to do?...... I assume as your sir name indicates that you apply your self to the dark and rank recesses of your own need... rather than the promotion of Law & Order. You must be one of those who exclaim " That's why I pay Taxes" Shame, Shame ,Shame, if it be.
Cunninglinguest September 17, 2013 at 03:28 AM
I'm sorry Mr. Martreb, but did you just suffer a brain fart? Your reading comprehension seems to be some what impoverished. You have no clue what the "Very Good people of our communities are satisfied" with. Making 5 DWI arrests here and there doesn't even begin to scratch the surface in re-directing the offenses. It's not the cops fault. It's the fault of our law makers and citizens who's drug of choice is alcohol. You say the "GOOD people of our communities are giving suggestions". That's funny, I haven't heard any. So tell me Nhoj, what are these suggestions concerning drunk driving that the good people offer? You say "Far too many Brave and weary men and women have given their time for the cause of a Free nation under God". Let me tell you something bozo, I'm a disabled veteran who gave my time for the cause of a free nation, but I didn't give it so people would have the right to drive drunk and endanger the lives of others. My brother died because some one exercised their right to drink and drive. Also my screen name is Cunninglinguest. not cunnilingus as you seem to suggest. And by the way, you can kiss the "dark and rank recess" of my posterior.
Nhoj Luap Martreb September 17, 2013 at 09:53 PM
Mr Cunning Linguest, Good play on words. Regarding the DWI issue. Have you consulted the City of O'Fallon regarding your specifics in this Matter? Here are some suggestions. 1. Contact the representative for your ward. That person is called a " Counsel " and for your ward they represent you. 2. If not attending weekly meetings at City Hall, Please do so. It is a very good way for the voice of the citizen to be heard. 3. Befriend your local O'Fallon Police Department and see if there is anything you might be able to assist them with regarding your concern.. 4. Become a volunteer and advocate for M.A.D.D. / D.A.D.D. and even explore the opportunity to speak for these organizations as well as D.A.R.E. at our local schools. 5. Just be a part of our society who wants and needs change, rather than a whiner and complainer on formats such as this. Be Positive not Negative. You've opened yourself to society by choice and complaint, and we are truly sorry for the losses you've incurred............ But haven't we All?..... There's a million stories out there, Your just one. Thank you for your service to our Nation. -Martreb.
Mr. O' Fallon September 19, 2013 at 05:26 PM
What does D.A.D.D. stand for and how does one contact this organization?
John Mulherin September 19, 2013 at 06:49 PM
M.A.D.D. Is for Mothers and D.A.D.D. Is Dads against Drunk Driving And you can get information at info@DADD.org
Cunninglinguest September 19, 2013 at 10:48 PM
A whiner and complainer. That's an odd thing to call someone who points out the facts. You might as well have called me a bertrampaul and johN. That was a fine fine list of suggestions you gave me there Mr. Martreb, but you forgot the most important one. The one where I stand and click the heels of my ruby red slippers together 3 times while saying zero tolerance, zero tolerance, zero tolerance. It's sure to be just as effective as anything you mentioned. Now D.A.R.E. is a great program for effecting change in the future, but something must be done now. As YOU yourself just admitted "There's a MILLION stories out there" concerning alcohol related traffic fatalities. I don't know where you were born so I don't know how much you know about American history. Between 1920-1933 there was something called Prohibition which made alcohol consumption illegal. It was a huge failure. Consumption actually increased during those years. Americans love their booze. An unintended consequence was the huge loss of tax revenue generated from alcohol sales. So we know this approach to the problem of drunk driving won't work. What's left? Heavy enforcement of ZERO TOLERANCE. As sure as your name is Nhoj, I know that idea wouldn't fly, because it would greatly impact those that make, enforce, and prosecute the laws, those who govern, and millions of other fine upstanding citizens who can't live without their fix. You may be the kind of silly goose who can put a happy face :) on a serious problem, but I'm not. Nothing would make me happier than to assist the police in their enforcement efforts. - Cunning
Nhoj Luap Martreb September 21, 2013 at 07:41 PM
Cunning- ( Dorathy or Judy ) All you indicate is somewhat fact..... Your statement that there was an admission that" there's are a million stories concerning alcohol related traffic fatalities" was never sent to this post. ( apart from you ) Please re-read what was actually sent. Dorathy, Let us reason together. The comment was directly sent on behalf of the losses you feel.... And yes, unfortunately , You are just simply one. Your comment regarding D.A.R.E. and being happier than to assist the police is a good start to to make a statement.....But talk ( and now day's text ) is cheap. But isn't your main concern with the lack ( of what you feel ) the neglect of what the police are doing???? I could not detect any mention of what involvement with the city or any suggested programs you intend to address. Again the best suggestion would be to address the city at the meetings we share as a community. Contact M.A.D.D & D.A.D.D & ALL the others you can find on the web. Also. Please pick up where Earnest Cherrington, Wayne Wheeler, Howard Russell & countless others left off with the Temperance Movement.... I think you should start today!... Well... enough said, You could possibly be the catalyst for new change in Democracy.... All you need to do is act! John, Thank you for providing Mr. O' Fallon with information for D.A.D.D. I will now sign off and remove myself from this site. Toodles, -Martreb
Cunninglinguest September 21, 2013 at 11:22 PM
You can run but you can't hide Mr. Martreb. You'll still be lurking out there in the recesses where the sun doesn't shine. waiting to see how I responded. Everything I have indicated is not "some what" fact, it's absolute. Now don't do what Mr. Obama does by drawing a red line, then denying he drew the red line. I re-read what you said. You stated "There's a MILLION stories out there", in regard to my brother being killed in an alcohol related traffic fatality. That was your admission. And no, my main concern isn't the lack of what the police are doing. I stated in a previous post that it wasn't the cops fault. I made it perfectly clear it was the fault of our legislators and all the fine people in this country who can't do with out their drug of choice. And don't "Toodles" me. I don't swing that way. - Dorthy


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