City Council Approves Funding Agreements for Six Road Projects

O'Fallon received federal grants through the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission and locally through the East-West Gateway Council of Governments fund 80 percent of the projects.

approved entering agreements to fund six road construction projects at its regular meeting on Thursday, March 24.

Federal grants through the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission and locally through the East-West Gateway Council of Governments fund 80 percent, or $2.9 million, of the projects.

The city is contributing 20 percent of the total cost with $156,000 budgeted for 2011 to complete the design and engineering and $404,000 to complete construction in 2012.

Road projects include:

Southside On-Street Bicycle Loop Connection Project

  • Federal funds will pay $307,200 and the city's contribution is $76,800
  • The project involves the construction of a 10-mile continuous bicycle loop on both sides of the street, from Highway K, Route 364 South Outer Road, Winghaven Boulevard and Technology Drive and back to Highway K. 

Bryan Road Turn Lane Improvements Project

  • Federal funds pay $892,800 and the city's contribution is  $223,200
  • This project consists of improving right turn lanes from Bryan Road to Mexico Road, Feise Road and Winghaven Boulevard. It will include new pavement, crosswalks, pedestrian countdown timers, curb ramps and detectable warning panels. 

Mexico Road Turn Lane Improvements

  • Federal funds pay $477,600 and the city's contribution is $119,400
  • This project includes improving  right turn lanes to improve traffic flow at the Belleau Creek Road and Sonderen Street intersection. It also includes pedestrian improvements, such as new crosswalks and sidewalks. 

Feise Road Trail and Sidewalk Connections Project

  • Federal funds pay $459,200 and the city's contribution is $114,800
  • Improvements include an asphalt bicycle trail on Feise Road from Highway K to Bryan Road. This project also includes an extension of sidewalks on Belleau Creek, Knaust and Mexico Roads. 

Main Street Signal Improvements

  • Federal funds pay $322,400 and the city's contribution is $80,600
  • The Main Street Improvements include signal upgrades and a new interconnect from West Terra Lane to Highway P. 

Veterans Memorial Parkway at Woodlawn Avenue Intersection Improvements

  • Federal funds pay $444,800 and the city's contribution is $111,200
  • This project involves the construction of separated left turn, right turn and through lanes at Woodlawn Avenue to improve traffic flow. 

At Thursday night's meeting, city council also approved new rules regarding residential parking and snow removal procedures during winter weather. 

Ward 4 Councilmember Jeff Schwentker suggested at a January workshop, that the council review the ordinance, because he and  other council members were receiving phone calls from residents complaining about unclear streets.

City officials said residents continued to park on the streets during inclement weather, blocking plows and making snow removal a difficult and slow process. 

O’Fallon’s current ordinance states that when the city accumulates two inches of snow, residents must move their vehicles off the street to allow crews to clear the roads.

The improved ordinance, which goes into effect next winter, requires residents to move their vehicles from the street when there is any snow or icy accumulation. 

Managing Director of Public Works Steve Bender said the ordinance was clarified to make it easy to understand and the changes are intended to allow street crews to more effectively and quickly return roadways to a safe and useable condition.  

Bender said  compliance with the old ordinance was low with around 10-15 percent of all streets having parked vehicles on the road, blocking or slowing down the snow removal process. 

"Additionally, it was not always clear if the conditions in the old ordinance would be met requiring vehicles to be moved off the road," he said. "Since snow removal operations start when there is any accumulation, the new changes require that vehicles be moved off the street when there is any accumulation.  This is easy to understand and helps in the snow removal operations."

The amended ordinance also states that residents clearing snow from driveways and sidewalks are not to deposit that snow onto the public street pavement.  City officials said this has also been a problem during winter weather, resulting in multiple trips to certain areas, increased chemical costs and ultimately prolonging snow removal. 

The next city council meeting is Thursday, April 14 at 7:30 p.m. after the workshop at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall. 


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