City Council Hears Redistricting Plan, Annexation Complaint

While voters approved the annexation of eight parcels of land in April elections, one landowner claims they never got the memo.

heard a first reading of the city’s redistricting plan in light of 2010 United States census data at Thursday's regular session. Director of City Planning and Development David Woods said that except for four minor amendments, O’Fallon’s five wards would remain largely intact.

“The goal here is to keep the wards’ population size consistently the same throughout the next 10 years, until the next census,” said Woods, who reported the findings of the city’s apportionment commission.

Ward 5 added 430 residents southwest of the intersection of Interstate 70 and Bryan Road, as well as 294 residents south of Piper and Pean drives.

Southwest of O’Fallon Road and Page South Outer Road, 1,358 residents will transfer from Ward 3 to 4. Along Highway 40 southbound, 676 residents will transfer to Ward 3 from Ward 2.

Maps detailing the changes to the structure of the wards are available on the city’s website. A vote for final passage will be presented at the council’s next regular session.

A public hearing to consider the city’s plan of intent for the voter-approved involuntary annexation of several plots of land drew criticism from a representative of one property owner.

Heather Bubb, representing Garcar Holdings, LLC, owner of the property at 1000-1010 Hoff Rd., said that officials had failed to notify her client of the annexation to the extent required by law. Only one announcement was published in a local newspaper, rather than the legally required three, she said, and a good faith effort at serving her client by certified mail also failed.

“It seems that throughout the process of this particular annexation, through no intent, I’m sure, notice has slipped through the cracks on multiple occasions,” Bubb said. “As a result, we’d strongly resist and oppose any attempt to pass a declaratory action at this time.”

At the suggestion of City Attorney Kevin O’Keefe, the public hearing was recessed until the council’s Sept. 22 meeting. Council President Pro-tem Jeff Schwentker said he’d like to set up a dialogue between the city administrator and the landowner to work out the issue.

The board also heard the planning and zoning commission’s recommended revisions to certain provisions of the Title IV and V land use and zoning codes.

, notable changes include making conditional use permits transferable when a business is sold and consolidating and redefining certain types of businesses. The board also granted a conditional use permit for the at 1001 North Main St. to add a second drive-through window, as recommended by the commission.

During the presiding officer’s report, the presented the council with a check for $501 toward a leaf-shaped bike rack for O’Fallon’s new . The money was raised by the community service division of the department, which operated a dunking booth and a child ID area at the recent .

“This thing is coming into reality, and this goes a long way toward helping,” Mayor Bill Hennessy said of the gift. He said a community build day for the playground had been planned for mid-September.

Mike Nunnery August 13, 2011 at 12:59 PM
We live in a vibrant, healthy, friendly and wholesome community. Thanks to our leadership from the City Council and the Mayor! The action of the O'Fallon Police Department speaks volumes for their positive preference in our community!
Mike Nunnery August 13, 2011 at 01:02 PM
The word preference was originally typed presence...(MDN)


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