City Grants Permit for RV, Car Sales Lot Expansion

St. Louis RV Sales and GMT Auto Sales plans to display more RVs on the site.

At the applicant's request, the O'Fallon City Council suspended its rule for only one reading for any one bill at last week's city council meeting. Two readings were given to a bill for a conditional use permit for the expansion of an RV sales and used car lot at 1080 West Terra Lane.

St. Louis RV Sales and GMT Auto Sales has proposed improvements to the 3.65-acre site by constructing an addition to the sales office and expanding the parking lot.

With the addition to the parking lot, the business plans to display an additional 10 RVs on the site.

The business will be restricted from working on vehicles outside the building or storing derelict vehicles or parts and from loading or unloading vehicles in the public right-of-way. Neither cars nor RVs will be allowed to be displayed on mounts.

Jim Frain February 20, 2013 at 05:21 PM
St. Louis RV Sales/GMT Auto Sales have taken over one of the worst looking areas in O'Fallon and they are turning it into a very professional and quality appearing operation which will enhance the look of our city. They will be a wonderful business to have in O'Fallon!


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