City to Purchase Splash Pad For Brendan’s Playground

O’Fallon City Council approved a resolution to allocate $66,255.84 for the materials and installation of a splash pad on the playground at Thursday night’s meeting.

Kids of all abilities will be able to play and stay cool in the summer heat at in O’Fallon this summer.

approved a resolution to allocate $66,255.84 for the materials and installation of a splash pad on the playground, at Thursday night’s meeting.

The water feature was part of the original playground design and funding was approved in 2011, but when plans were not finalized for construction the money rolled back into parks and recreation fund.

Now the funds have been designated to complete this feature that is meant to help children who have difficulty regulating their body temperature in the summer heat, so they can play along side their friends.

Brendan's Playground opened in in October 2011 and was specially designed with features that allow kids of all abilities to play together.

The nature themed playground is equipped with ADA-accessible ramps, a variety of climbing structures, steel slides that are suitable for children with cochlear implants, a variety of swings so that children of different ages and abilities can swing together and a set of large of instruments.  

At Thursday’s workshop, Director of O’Fallon Parks and Recreation Cindy Springer said the splash pad is a non-slip concrete surface with six spray features, featuring lady bugs to keep with the nature theme.

The water feature will have an activator so that it can only come on during park hours when children are playing.

Springer said she expects the splash pad to be complete within the first two weeks of June.

For more information, visit the City of O'Fallon's website


Mike Nunnery April 27, 2012 at 08:33 PM
Another excellent article by our editor Jordan Lanham; another excellent vote of confidence for our mayor of O'Fallon - Bill Hennessy! Bill has labored over, prayed over and cried over this project - the latter most notably as some of the kids were able to paricipate in this all-inclusive playground. Bill made this a #1 priority for his administration when elected and it has become reality and this will only enhance the playground for these kids to cool off after having experienced Brendan's Playground. On a spearate note, let's not forget that the addition of the splash pad came in under budget as the original budget called for some $107,000 and thanks to superb management under the direction of Cindy Springer, Director Parks & Recreation there will be a realized savings north of $40,000! Now that my friends is effective government in action! Proud to say I live in O'Fallon, MO!
Elizabeth May 01, 2012 at 03:39 PM
Just out of curiosity, what is the anticipated water bill to the citizens going to be for this playground addition? What measures have been planned to protect the taxpayer's money from lawsuit or other liability if a child slips on the water and is injured? I think it is premature to say that is is saving the citizens "north of $40,000" when the project is not yet complete.
Mike Nunnery May 01, 2012 at 03:53 PM
Some people would complain if you gave them a million dollars in one dollar bills and told them they would have to count it out and band it in $50 increments. For those of us who heard the presentation first hand, we heard that the water supply is a refiltered supply of water activated only when a child applies foot pressure to a plate within the splash area. As to lawsuits, I believe & I could be wrong on this, but every park area has a disclaimer that puts the responsibility for any injuries where it belongs - on the parents. Again I wish folks would drop their negativity & at a minimum get involved in our city! You might learn to value all citizens, especially the ones that Brendan's Playground serves.
Jim Frain May 01, 2012 at 04:31 PM
I had the unique opportunity to run for the office of Mayor of O'Fallon several years ago. It was an enjoyable experience, even though I know that I won't seek public office again During the campaign, Bill Hennessy focused on his number one priority to have the city provide a great playground for ALL children. Bill won and I admire him greatly for working diligently to create Brendan's Playground. I wish that I had Elizabeth with me on my first visit to Brendan's Playground. As I entered the playground I was blown away with the fun and the activities that ALL children were enjoying. As I walked through I stopped for a minute and talked with a young man who was about 6 years old...he clearly had a disability and he was playing his heart out. I asked him what he thought of the playground...I will never forget his response.."This is the most wonderfulest place in the world".....Elizabeth, Brendan's Playground defines our city as more than a place to live...We provide a fun place for ALL children. I am positive that our city has excellent insurance and has clearly posted this playground as to disclaimers on injuries, etc., There comes a time when worrying about "water bills" and "lawsuits" needs to be overcome by "what is good for our city and ALL of its children and families. I am proud of Mayor Hennessy and the City of O'Fallon for this unique park. Elizabeth, please go to Brendan's Playground...you'll see what I mean.
Elizabeth May 02, 2012 at 02:49 AM
Excuse me for having questions about the project. Some of us can't be at all the meetings. We attempt to stay up to date by reading articles such as this as well as frequenting the city's website. If the article had included the information I was asking about I wouldn't have asked the question. I wish folks would stop being so holier than thou so as to assume that by asking a question you are somehow not involved in the city or to imply that you don't value all citizens. Please, set aside your own negativity and re-read my post. I asked fair questions about information that was not included in the article. Nothing more. I simply wanted the whole picture.
Elizabeth May 02, 2012 at 03:09 AM
Mr. Frain, did I post that I didn't think Brendan's playground should exist? Did I say it was a waste of money? No. I asked questions that pertain to the project that were not addressed in the article. Geez, what is with you people? Judge much?
Mike Nunnery May 02, 2012 at 04:20 AM
The essence of blogging is communication. First let me apologize if I was over zealous in my response to your posting. My grandson was born to perfect health as were both my sons. When I see how beneficial this playground is to the "least" of our citizens I get passionate in my support. I did re-read your post and I am glad I was able to clarify the efforts of our Mayor and City Council in this most worthy effort. Again, my sincere apology and I thank you for your support of Brendan's Playground. Have a great weekend and please join our Founder's Day Festival this Saturday.
Elizabeth May 02, 2012 at 01:06 PM
Mr. Nunnery, your post speaks volumes. As a parent of a child who was not "born to perfect health, I can honestly and PROUDLY say that those who are not "perfect" are NOT the "least" of our society, they are the heart of it. No doubt your intentions were good. However, only a voice willing to question and play 'devil's advocate' can help prevent those intentions from paving the way to....well, you know where. Good health to you sir. Please continue your support for a healthy, happy and prosperous community, as will I.


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