Council Approves Sign, Landscape Design For Highway K, I-64 Intersection

The design incorporates an entrance sign, plants and three flagpoles.

The is taking the first steps in a long-term plan for a community landscape and beautification project.

The City Council unanimously approved basic design concepts for an entrance sign and landscaping at the Highway K and Interstate 64 entrance to O’Fallon at the council's April 26 workshop.

O’Fallon’s Director of Public Relations Tom Drabelle presented the Community Landscape Improvement Program (CLIP) committee’s plans at the workshop.

The design incorporates the O’Fallon City Hall building and clock tower into the stone posts and steel structure of the sign. It also includes plans for native plants and three flagpoles. 

Drabelle said the city has about $150,000 budgeted for the CLIP program in 2012 and the total estimated cost of this first project is $91,300.

Project Costs:

  • Landscaping: $44,800 for irrigation, landscape features, a retaining wall, turf re-establishment. In the future years, the annual maintenance would be handled by O’Fallon parks staff for an estimated cost of $13,000 per year
  • Electricity: $12,500 to light the sign and run irrigation
  • Flag poles: $8,000 for three fixtures that may include the state, city and American flag
  • City Sign: $26,000 for 17x12 foot sign with the city’s logo

Drabelle said the next step for the project is to present the design to the Missouri Department of Transportation for approval. If there are significant changes, the concept will come back before the city council.

If MoDOT approves the design, the city will begin the bidding process and present the council with specific contracts.

Drabelle said city staff would like to start the bidding process in June. He added they would like to move forward quickly with the project because August is the best time to plant the grass in the landscaping.

This project is the first of a long-term plan for the City Landscape Improvement Program (CLIP).

The CLIP committee is composed of six city staff members and five councilmembers.

“What we’re looking for is to make our city a little bit more attractive, “ said Ward 2 Councilwoman Rose Mack, who chairs the committee.

Drabelle said the project at Highway K and I-64 is one stage of possibly 20 and CLIP members began by advising the entrance signs and landscaping should start where they are most visible.

Other possible locations for future entrance sign and landscaping projects include:

  • Northwest entrance at Bryan Road/I-70
  • Southwest entrance at Highway DD/I-64

At the workshop, Drabelle said the landscaping and beautification plan could extend into the next 20 years. He said the committee will evaluate the next steps and come to the council with a rough outline that can be used to determine what funds can be allocated for projects in the 2013 budget.

Jim Frain May 03, 2012 at 04:23 PM
I wish that the design could have incorporated the POW/MIA Flag. There is a focus at our Veteran's Walk on the POW/MIA Flag and I believe that this entrance should compliment the look of the Veteran's Walk. I am sure that this could be done and I will suggest it to the city. Agree?
Reverend Scott E. Lee May 03, 2012 at 10:34 PM
"The CLIP committee is composed of six city staff members and five council members." Really? What's wrong with this picture? Half of the City Council are part of the committee. The rest are city staff. Is there any chance that whatever this committee comes up with won't be passed by the council? City beautification is a good use of funds, however ... A staid entrance like the one that has been approved doesn't do much more than act as a roadway sign. It says, "You have reached O'Fallon. We're a lot like Saint Peters." If the committee wants O'Fallon to stand out, they should look at art installations, or at least a more modern interpretation of the bland design they approved. MODoT probably has guidelines that cover design and placement, and I understand that. Still, it wouldn't hurt to push a boundary or two to set the city apart.
Reverend Scott E. Lee May 03, 2012 at 10:35 PM
Mr. Frain, about your idea to add the POW/MIA flag, I am afraid I will have to respectfully disagree. There are places where that particular flag carries weight. The Walk is one of them. If we start flying it at every corner it begins to fade into the landscape. When cell towers go up, one of the camouflage options is a flagpole. They blend in. Unless there is a field of flags, we tend to catch them in our periphery and pass right over them. Linda, the City has a paving program for asphalt and concrete. They even have a page that track city projects: http://www.ofallon.mo.us/apps/projectManagement.aspx Check it out!
Linda B. May 04, 2012 at 01:16 AM
Thanks, I will.
Thomas J. Stein May 04, 2012 at 08:57 PM
This is great for O'Fallon.


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