Highway K, I-64 Intersection Sign, Landscaping Project Begins in August

The design incorporates an entrance sign and plants.

Construction will begin in August on the at the Highway K and Interstate 64 entrance in O'Fallon.

This is the first step in a long-term plan from the Community Landscape Improvement Program (CLIP) committee, for a city beautification project.

The City Council unanimously for the project at the council's April 26 workshop. They approved an ordinance establishing a licence agreement with the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) at the July 12 meeting.

The design incorporates the O’Fallon City Hall building and clock tower into the stone posts and steel structure of the sign. It also includes plans for native plants.

The original design also called for flag poles, but according to the meeting notes on the City of O'Fallon's website, MoDOT expressed concerns regarding the poles and sight-line problems at this interchange. City staff recommended examining the issue and possibly adding the flags at a later date.

O’Fallon’s Director of Public Relations Tom Drabelle said the city has about $150,000 budgeted for the CLIP program in 2012. Formal bids were received from four companies, according to the city agenda notes. At the July 12 meeting, city council approved a contract with the low bidder - Ideal Landscape Group, bringing the project to a cost of $132,275, plus an additional $9,000 for permit fees, connection charges and surveying.

Project Cost Estimates:

  • Landscaping: $44,800 for irrigation, landscape features, a retaining wall, turf re-establishment. In the future years, the annual maintenance would be handled by O’Fallon parks staff for an estimated cost of $13,000 per year
  • Electricity: $12,500 to light the sign and run irrigation
  • City Sign: $26,000 for 17x12 foot sign with the city’s logo

As O'Fallon Patch previously reported, Drabelle said August is the best time to plant the grass in the landscaping. He said on Tuesday, that after meetings between city staff and the project manager last week regarding a few minor details, he expects construction to begin in August and hopefully be complete by late November.

This project is the first of a long-term plan for the City Landscape Improvement Program (CLIP) to help make the city more attractive and guide residents through the city limits of O'Fallon.

The CLIP committee is composed of six city staff members and five councilmembers.

“What we’re looking for is to make our city a little bit more attractive, “ Ward 2 Councilwoman Rose Mack, who chairs the committee, previously said.

Drabelle said the project at Highway K and I-64 is one stage of possibly 20, and CLIP members began by advising the entrance signs and landscaping should start where they are most visible.

Other possible locations for future entrance sign and landscaping projects include:

  • Northwest entrance at Bryan Road/I-70
  • Southwest entrance at Highway DD/I-64

Drabelle has said the committee will continue to evaluate the next steps and come to the council with a rough outline that can be used to determine what funds can be allocated for projects in the 2013 budget.

JK August 20, 2012 at 09:23 PM
It's nice to see the city step it up and put money into establishing eye appealing entrances to our city, but once again the south side is not the only entrance, there is TR Huges (both ends) and the main HWY 70 ramps which have been neglected since they were first installed. Hey city administrators, stop trying to move our town to the south side!!!!


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