O'Fallon 2012 Election Guide

The candidates, incumbents and issues that will affect O'Fallon and St. Charles County.

As we close in on the August primary and look ahead to November’s elections, O'Fallon Patch is devoted to bringing you the information you need about every race in town. Here's our start on the candidates and issues we'll be covering as November draws near. 

National Races

 U.S. Senate:

Democratic Candidates

Republican Candidates

  • Todd Akin
  • Robert Poole
  • Jerry Beck


Claire McCaskill's bid for re-election will be closely watched by the entire nation in part because of her close ties to President Obama's 2008 campaign. 

The fiercely-fought GOP primary will likely see U.S. Rep. Todd Akin (R-Wildwood), former State Treasurer Sarah Steelman or Frontenac businessman John Brunner emerge as McCaskill's opponent.

The "Tea Party" movement will also be a factor in the campaign, with one activist's comments about drawing added scrutiny and security for McCaskill. 

In the meantime, dueling   

Read our earlier coverage of this race: 

U.S. House of Representatives:

District 2


  • Marshall Works
  • George Weber
  • Harold Whitfield
  • Glenn Koenen


  • Ann Wagner
  • John Morris
  • James Baker


  • Bill Slantz


  • Anatol Zorikova

District 3


  • Eric C. Mayer


  • Blaine Luetkemeyer


  • Steve Wilson


State Races

Missouri Governor:




Missouri Lieutenant Governor:


  • Dennis Weisenburger
  • Fred Kratky
  • Jackie Townes McGee
  • Becky Lee Plattner


  • Brad Lager
  • Mike Carter
  • Charles Kullmann


  • Matthew Copple


  • Cynthia Davis

Missouri Secretary of State:


  • Jason Kander



  • Cisse Spragins


  • Justin Harter

Jason Kander and are vying for the Democratic nomination for Secretary of State. On the Republican side, we have , and running for their party's nomination. The race also has a Libertarian candidate, Cisse W. Spragins and a Constitution Party candidate, Justin Harter.

Missouri Attorney General:


  • Chris Koster



  • Dave Browning

Missouri Treasurer:


  • Clint Zweifel


  • Cole McNary


  • Sean O'Toole

Missouri State Senate:

This is not an election year for District 2.

Missouri State House of Representative:

District 102:

  • Republican
  • , Democrat

District 103

  • , Republican

District 107

  • Rod Hoffman, Democrat    
  • Ron Hicks, Republican
  • , Republican

District 108:

  •  Chuck Gatschenberger, Republican

State Issues

In August voters will be asked to decide on a measure proposing "a constitutional amendment guaranteeing a citizen's right to pray and worship on public property and reaffirming a citizen's right to choose any or no religion," according to the state law calling for the vote. earlier this year.

The fate of statewide ballot issues will not be decided until later this summer.

County Races

St. Charles County Council

District #2

  • Joe Brazil (R-Defiance)
  • Robert Jay Stephens (R-Wentzville)
  • No Democrats, Libertarians or Constitution Party members have filed, so the winner of the primary will be unchallenged in November.

District #4

  • Paul Wynn (R-O'Fallon)
  • David Hammond (R-O'Fallon)
  • The winner of that race will face Michael L. Boyd (D-St. Peters) in November.

District #6

  • Jerry  W.  Daugherty, (D, Portage  Des  Sioux)
  • Michael  Klinghammer (R, St. Charles) 

Local Issues

Proposition "R" This proposition asks whether St. Charles County should extend the one-half percent Transportation Sales Tax for an additional 10 years.

Township Races

The St. Charles County Council approved changes to the township maps this year.

St. Peters Township # 5

  • Kurt Bahr, Republican Candidate for Committeeman
  • Jennifer Bahr, Republican Candidate for Committeewoman
  • Jeffery Allen Schwentke, Republican Candidate for Committeeman
  • Doris Jean Gossett, Republican Candidate for Committeewoman
  • Bobby Lynn Gossett, Repubilcan Candidate for Committeeman
  • , Republican Candidate for Committeman
  • , Republican Candidate for Committeewoman

O’Fallon Township Committee #7

  • John Anthony Callahan, Democratic Candidate for Committeeman
  • Mary K. Burns-Laughlin, Democratic Candidate for Committeewoman
  • David Werner Evans, Republican Candidate for Committeeman
  • Cynthia M. Evans, Republican Candidate for Committeewoman
  • Rose M. Mack, Repuplican Candidate for Committeewoman

Dardenne Township Township #9

  • , Republican Candidate for Committeeman
  • , Republican Candidate for Committeeman

St. Paul Township Committee #11

  • James G. Karll, Democratic Candidate for Committeeman
  • Elaine Marie Cronin, Republican Candidate for Committeewoman
  • , Republican Candidate for Committeeman
  • Victoria Ann Schneide, Republican Candidate for Committeewoman
  • William L. Gardne, Republican Candidate for Committeeman
  • Republican Candidate for Committeewoman

Boone Township Committee # 14

  • Lori Lynne Van Houte, Democratic Candidate for Committeewoman
  • Joseph Thomas Brazil, Republican Candidate for Committeeman
  • John Joseph Haman, Jr., Republican Candidate for Committeeman
  • , Republican Candidate for Committeeman
  • Nancy J. Gruendl, Republican Candidate for Committeewoman
  • Andrew Frederick Giesen, Libertarian Candidate for Committeeman


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