O'Fallon Addresses Snow Piles, Driveway Shoveling

O'Fallon snow crews clear 700 lane-miles of roadway and 1,000 cul-de-sacs.

The City of O'Fallon addressed the issue of snowpiles in a news release this morning after Thursday's storm dumped four to six inches of snow and sleet on roadways and parking lots.

The city thanked residents for their cooperation with snow crews, reporting "nearly universal compliance" with a request to move cars off the streets.

The city addressed the problem of snow getting pushed up at the end of driveways.

Although we know that this might be frustrating for residents, we hope you understand that this is impossible to control. There is no way for our crews to clear the streets without pushing the snow to the sides, meaning the homeowner has to shovel it away from the end of the driveway. The only way to prevent this would be to not clear the streets!  

The city asked residents to avoide the temptation to push the snow back into the street, which violates city ordinance and can result in a fine. The snow would likely just get plowed back into driveways again. The solution, the city said, is homeowners to shovel the snow into their own yards.

The city also addressed exceptionally high piles of snow:

Our crews do everything in their power to try and deposit high piles of snow in areas that do not inconvenience residents. However, in rare occasions, it's possible that a driver may have mistakenly pushed an exceptionally large pile of snow in front of a driveway that he/she did not see. If this has happened, please call us at 636-379-3808, and we will dispatch a truck to fix the problem. Again, this is not for the normal - and unpreventable - wind rail. This is for cases where an obvious error has occurred. 

Residents were asked to clear any snow piles up around their mailboxes to facilitate mail delivery.


Rich Pope February 24, 2013 at 01:11 AM
People, it's so easy...The weatherman tells you it's going to snow. So you get to the store, stock-up on the necessities and if the storm is really bad, call work and tell them you are not going to risk your life driving in a blizzard.


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