O'Fallon City Council to Consider Pay Raises

Compensation was last set for elected officials in 2001.

On Thursday evening, the O'Fallon City Council will hear the first reading for an ordinance to increase compensation for the city's elected officials.

Compensation was last set in 2001 at $19,500 per year for the mayor and $7,600 per year for council members.

The new ordinance would set compensation at $24,000 for the mayor and $12,000 for council members, and would go into effect for the winners of the April election.

The new rates of compensation were discussed at the Feb. 14 work session. There was no mention at the workshop of increasing the compensation for the President Pro Tempore, but proposed ordinance raises that compensation from $300 to $600, in addition to the basic council member compensation.

According to city documents, since compensation was last set in 2001, the City of O'Fallon has "continued to experience significant growth and the issues facing the City have increased in complexity."

The new rates, according to the ordinance language,

reflects in a more accurate way the demands made on the time and resources of those who serve their neighbors in this important way and the intrusion such service makes on one’s ability to earn income for one’s family, and make it feasible for more residents to consider public service by reducing to some extent the sacrifice they and their family members may experience by reason of such service.

Increases in the overall cost of living were also cited.

Here is how other St. Charles cities compare with compensation for elected officials:

City Mayor Salary
Aldermen/Councilmen Salary
2010 Population City Classification Wentzville $13,200 $5,500 29,070 Fourth class

Lake Saint Louis


$13,923 $5,797 14,545 Fourth class

St. Peters

$40,000 $14,525 52,575 Fourth class

St. Charles

$73,543 $10,200 65,794 Home Rule

O'Fallon- current

$19,500 $7,600 79,329 Home Rule O'Fallon-proposed $24,000 $12,000 79,329 Home Rule
j6point7 February 28, 2013 at 03:41 PM
I feel you should have mentioned that st Charles and I believe St. Peter's are full time
Jim Frain February 28, 2013 at 04:05 PM
St. Charles does have a full time Mayor (Sally Faith) at over $75,000 per year. St. Peters has a part time Mayor (Len Pagano) at $40,000 per year. O'Fallon has a part time Mayor (Bill Hennessy) at $19,500 per year. I know for certain that both Mayor Pagano and Mayor Hennessy give many hours of their time to what is considered a "part time job"...They work full time on a part time job, in my opinion.
The Mayor of the City of O’ Fallon has very little power as that power is vested in the Ten (10) Elected Members of the City Council per the Home-Rule City Charter. The Mayor has employees as the City Administrator, Police Chief, City Clerk, City Attorney’s, City Auditor, Municipal Judge and City Prosecutor work by appointment and at the pleasure and direction of the City Council.
The current Mayor does very little and has very few responsibilities but to attend events and nosh on rich prepared foods, city ribbon-cuttings, has city parties, eats and drinks at the Special Mayor’s V.I.P. Tent at the Heritage and Freedom Fest, has a City Paid for Suite at the River City Rascals Baseball Stadium all while driving his work truck provided from his Company in North Canton, Ohio and spending their gasoline. The Mayor has a Full-Time Assistant to the Mayor ($55,060 + $16,518 in Benefits and her husband makes from the City $73,505 + $22,051-Benefits), City Administrator ($125,660 + $37,698-Benefits), Assistant City Administrator ($111,240 + $33,372-Benefits), Director of Administration ($114,960 + $34,488-Benefits), Public Information Officer ($84,517 + $25,355), Communications Director ($67,271 + $20,181-Benefits), Press Release Writer ($53,066 + $15,920-Benefits), City Auditor ($92,700 + $27,810-Benefits), City Clerk ($77,275 + $23,182-Benefits), Attorney’s ($600,000) and Twenty (20) Department Heads making an Average Salary of $100,000 per year and $30,000 in Benefits. These people do all of the work and carry out the duties of the Mayor. The Mayor is not worth nor do the duties require the current salary of $19,500 I propose that the Mayor’s Salary be reduced to $16,000 per year. This fair and just! AC Dienoff City Council Candidate Community and public Advocate
tina March 01, 2013 at 09:53 PM
I agrre AC thanks for posting the numbers and glad i moved out of that city


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