Oakmont Council Notebook: June Voting Meeting

Road improvements, hiring policies and more were discussed at council's June 11 meeting.

Here's a roundup of items discussed at Oakmont Council's June 11 voting meeting:

Council Approves Work on Hulton Road and Favo Provides Update on Other Road Projects

Council approved work estimated at a cost not to exceed $5,000 to correct a water flow issue on Hulton Road between Fifth Street and Seventh Street.

According to Councilmember Tim Favo, engineers won't know what the cause is until a crew begins the work, but the water flow problem creates a dangerous situation in the winter when it freezes.

In addition, Favo told council the most recent work for the Allegheny River Boulevard Brick Street Reconstruction project performed on the 500 and 600 blocks is complete. Lines and parking spaces are scheduled to be painted in that location the beginning of the week weather permitting. Favo said this area will be inspected throughout the winter and, if the area holds up, work on another part of the boulevard will begin next spring.

Council will discuss what roads will be considered for repaving with the $200,000 in the budget for the work at July’s work session. The decisions will be based on need as determined by the borough engineer.

Library Bond Refinanced

A bond that was used by the for renovations was refinanced for an immediate savings of $51,780 in interest. Over the remaining life of the bond, the savings will accumulate an additional $1,170.

Last month, adopting the 2012 Library Bond Refinancing plan that authorized Ride and Miberger to decide when Boenning and Scattergood, the independent securities, asset management and investment banking firm handling the refinance, should sell the bond.

The savings will go toward paying the interest down on the bond.

Borough Hiring Policies Approved

Council approved the hiring matrix for borough employees that has been discussed over the last few months. The matrix, which includes the minimum requirements and criteria for borough positions, is effective today.

The last step in the approval process was a review by Oakmont Mayor Robert Fescemyer and police Chief David DiSanti of the requirements for positions on the Oakmont auxiliary police force and for part-time police officers.

Oakmont Solicitor Robert Shoop is still working on drafting a nepotism policy for borough positions.

Council Votes to Replace Dump Truck for Park Crew and Ladder for Fire Department

Council voted to replace a 1998 GMC dump truck used at with a 2004 three-quarter ton Ford pickup truck purchased from Verona Motors for $6,595 and the trade in value for the 1998 truck and backhoe purchased last year.

According to Councilman Ron Scott, the dump truck needed replaced because it wasn’t safe without the $5,000 in repairs it needed to pass inspection.

Council also voted to pay an estimated $5,000 to replace part of the aerial extension ladder on a refurbished fire truck for the .

Council Approves Upcoming Events

  • June 17 – Rotary Club, Lions Club, and the Horseless Carriage Club’s 49th Annual at Riverside Park
  • July 21-22 – ’s 110th Annual Regatta
  • August 7 – ’s Seventh Annual Alzheimer Benefit along the 300 block of Allegheny River Boulevard


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Paula A. Calabrese June 15, 2012 at 11:20 PM
Borough Hiring Policies Approved? What are they? To keep constituents apprised of the policies and processes, these documents should be posted on the Borough website. Who's responsible for updating the website, posting meeting dates, agendas and minutes of meetings? The only thing worse than not having a website is to have a stale website without current information posted on it.
Lois Ann Hlavac August 06, 2012 at 07:18 PM
Very true, Paula. I am having a heck of a time trying to get more information on the TIF proposal, study or whatever has been done and will be done in the future. Lois A. Hlavac, Ph.D. LoisAHlavac@verizon.net


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