O'Fallon Election 2013: Candidates, Issues, Information

O'Fallon Patch brings you everything you need to know about the April 2 election.

Election Day is April 2. Here are all the candidates and issues that are on the ballot for O'Fallon voters, as well as a listing of helpful links with more information about the election.

You can read about each candidate by following these links to their profile questionnaires (if a name appears in black instead of blue, the candidate has not submitted a candidate questionnaire):

O'Fallon will be electing a mayor and councilmen in all five wards:

O'Fallon Mayor

  • William "Bill" Hennessy
  • Dave Goewert

O'Fallon City Council Candidates

  • Mary Sue Laulo, Ward 2
  • Carolyn Yelich, Ward 3
  • Byron Ward, Ward 4
  • Jeff Houston, Ward 5

Fort Zumwalt School District

  • Voters to Decide on $15 Million Bond Issue For Fort Zumwalt in April


Other elections affecting some O'Fallon residents:

Wentzville Fire District Board Candidates

Wentzville School District Board of Directors

Also on the ballot for Lake Saint Louis voters is the election of two directors to the Wentzville School District School Board. Those candidates are:

  • Dale Schaper
  • Ted Boehm
  • Pat Hacker
  • Marcos Chu
  • Sandy Fitzgerald


Election Information

The St. Charles County Election Authority web page has a wealth of information about the election, candidates and issues, and election results.

Jim Frain March 20, 2013 at 03:39 AM
I just returnded from the Mayor's Youth Council Candidate Forum ...My highest praises go to the 4 wonderful students from our O'Fallon Schools who ran the forum.The students were wonderful, articulate, enthusiastic & their questionswere well thought out. Questionsfocused on the wards in which the candidates lived and on some of the issues which pertained to them...It was interesting, and surprising. Jordan Lanham was there and she will cover the event fully. Just a comment or two: 1. It's disappointing when there are almost as many candidates there than were in the audience. I know that this will be played over and over on our O'Fallon channel so that will make up for it. 2. Four of the candidates did not attend the meeting...Mayor Bill Hennessy attended but the other candidate Dave Goewert was out of town &answered his questions on a phone that piped in through the council room. All three candidates in Ward 1 and both candidates in Ward 2 made their presentations.In Ward 3 Rick Battelle was out of town-answered his questions on the phone. In Ward 4 candidate Byron Ward did not attend. In Ward 5,2 candidates were in attendance & aswered their questions while Vicki Schneider had another meeting & senta statement to be read. I know that these candidates are running for part time jobs but I would have thought that this forum was scheduled months ahead of time that they would be there. I would hope that attendance will be a priority for all 3 or 4 years if they win.PLEASE VOTE
My extended thanks goes out to the Youth Advisory Council for all of their hard work, thorough questions and the fairness in which they conducted the Candidate Forum. It was a nice and good event to have. I wish that we would have been able to get into some more debates on the various important issues that are facing the City Council and the City as a whole. There are important issues that need to be taken head on and important decisions made for the benefit of our city, its residents and the employees. It was disappointing that there was not a larger crowd than the 9 in attendance who were related to the candidate (spouse, child etc…) or were a City Employee. If any interested resident would like to view the “Candidate Forum,” please visit the following link: http://www.ofallon.mo.us/ofallontv (Click on “Pod-Cast, then find Youth Advisory Council, then click on “Candidate Forum” which is on top, download the clip and view) My hat goes off to the Youth Advisory Council for a job well done! AC Dienoff City Council Candidate and Public Advocate
Here is the actual Link that The O' Fallon Public Information Director posted for any interested resident who would like to view the "2013 Candidate Forum," please follow the following provided link: mms://
tom woelke March 21, 2013 at 10:13 AM
Finally, Mr Goewert somebody who gets it. We have the same people in government saying the same things about the same problems (the problems that developed when they were in government) and getting the same non-results...except the 50% pay raises. Give Goewert the Gavel. Vote Goewert for Mayor.
Wake-Up O’ Fallon residents, PLEASE wake-up! The same old characters with NO results. Elect myself and some fresh NEW blood that truly represents every resident instead of special interest! Get out to vote on Tuesday, April 2nd from 6:00 A.M. until 7:00 P.M. Elect Leaders who truly care about you and not their own pockets as was evidenced in the City Council and Mayor Salary 58-Percent Raise. Shameful! O’ Fallon Residents you are smart! Elect myself and others who can really move our City forward and always do the right action. AC Dienoff City Council Candidate and Public Advocate
John Mulherin March 21, 2013 at 10:58 PM
I live next to Arnie "AC" Dienoff and I will NOT be voting for him. If you were to drive by his place of residence you will also see other neighbors who have other Candidates signs. Arnie was right in the fact that O'Fallon Residents were smart. You should also look up the Candidates (all of them)on Google, you may find things out about each Candidate they may not tell you.
Dave Goewert March 22, 2013 at 12:58 AM
Jim, For the second time now I guess have to defend myself to you. For ten + years O'Fallon has been my priority as I went to a job I might not return from. I follow policies, thus the leave of absence I requested due to an employee not being allowed to run for office while serving the citizens. My business is what is allowing me to be away from the city and even seek to improve O'Fallon's future. I keep my committments and fulfilled my obligation and partnership with a new client because i keep my word. This was asked of me prior to this forum. There is an excellent book called "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" and a chapter in the book about "Seeking First to Understand Before Being Understood", Jim, to answer your concerns, which I am not fully obligated to do, but I do not dodge or hide facts from others who seek them. It cost me over $1200.00 to make that phone call as I had to fly one of my employees out to cover for me for 2 HOURS. Jim, Thank you for your post and you allowing me to help you and the residents of O'Fallon realize how important the city of O'Fallon is to me and for the residents to hear my voice. Please call me if you ever have questions because I am personable, honest, and like talking to people. I really do not like to make others look as if they really lack accurate information. I hope you understand. Yes, Please Vote!
Dave, you just can not make some people understand no matter the circumstances! They have "Tunnel-Vision" and only what to see what they want to see with “blinders" on full tilt. At least you attended to both of your commitments! Dave, you are man and honor or your word. Two (2) Candidates did not even show-up or bother to call in to the "Candidate Forum." It is funny how people can criticize you when they do not even know you, do not bother to speak with or talk to you and only support their cause no matter the price for personal and political advancement. Mr. Frain has unfortunately done the same to me, never took the effort or the time to seek the facts and get to know me as a person, but choice to chastise another human-being for his political agenda. Mr. Frain needs to respect each and every one of the 85,000 great people of O’ Fallon whether he agrees with them or not. That is being a good, decent human-being and neighbor to one another. AC Dienoff City Council Candidate, doing what is best for the all of the People
Mr. John Mulherin has a definite “AX” to grind towards me and my family. Mr. Mulherin placed a Utility Shed and Fence on our property and in violation of City Code. Mr. Mulherin refused to move the Shed and Fence and did every thing in his power to not comply with the City and the Permit Process. A City Inspector had to come out a dozen (12) times as Mr. Mulherin moved the shed and fence a half of foot at time. Mr. Mulherin has caused HATE and strife in the neighborhood, pitting neighbor against neighbor as he did the same in another town. It is a true shame that he acts like this, is a bully and makes threats as the police have to respond numerous times throughout the summer as Mr. Mulherin likes to discriminate, be a bully and cause problems and issues like blocking the sidewalk, parking a utility trailer, boat trailer and boat in his driveway against the subdivision confidents’, rules and regulations, too many dogs, dumps basement sump-water intentional on to our property and I could on and on and on and it goes on and on. It is a shame, but I will not stand while a bully tries to intimidate and cause harm to any one.
Part Two (2) to the above Because of all the problems, Mr. Mulherin looks up any other candidate in a race then calls them to con them in giving him 12-signs and builds a pyramid in his front yard with lights, drawing attention until Code Enforcement gives him 24-hours to comply with City Code or they will issue a citation to Mr. Mulherin (This is all on File). No fun living next to Mr. Mulherin at all!!! Mr. Mulherin can never let it go ever! Mr. Mulherin just stirs and stirs the pot till there is nothing left as he thrives on pure hate! AC Dienoff City Council Candidate
One more thing Mr. Mulherin cons one (1) other neighbor (Mr. Mulherin is a great salesman and will even sell you great "quick-sand property in Florida") in putting up opposing candidates to who ever I am supporting and when I am in the race. Mind games and schemes occupy Mr. Mulherin’s mind when he blows grass intentionally onto the sidewalk and street, never cleans it up, never removes snow from the sidewalk and goes out of his way to violate just about every law and rule in the book. This man just does not know when and how to stop. People in the neighborhood are scared of him! One should look up John M. Mulherin and see that "he has duked others before." I will never allow Mr. Mulherin the benefit of putting me down and lying to others and to the public with out setting the facts straight and standing my ground. He has "Bully-Syndrome."
John Mulherin March 22, 2013 at 02:58 AM
It is amazing how one can say they are not going to vote for someone and than they go on a 3 page rant with untruths. Feel free to stop by my house and I will show you the signed permits for the fence and shed. As far as stirring things I don't know what you are talking about. You don't need to ask me anything, go to the neighbors without anyone knowing and ask them. Alot of his neighbors have been called been a bully if you don't see things his way.
Mr. Mulherin did not get the Permits until his Landlord forced him to apply for a Shed Permit and Fence Permit one month after erection. The City had to notify Mr. Mulherin on numerous occasions (all documented and verified) that he was in violation of numerous City Codes and Zoning Regulations. I encourage any one in the public to seek out the true and correct facts, read the numerous verified police reports in which Mr. Mulherin threatened harm, tried to run me down with his lawn tractor, peace disturbance, etc… etc… I encourage all to contact the City Building and Code Enforcement Officials and read the many reports and numerous times that City Staff tried to get Mr. Mulherin to comply with Zoning and Permit Regulations. Seek out the truth as Mr. Mulherin has turned a neighborhood in “Payton Place” on rumor, fiction and myth. Mr. Mulherin has nothing better to do, but think up ways to get at others, bring friction and hate for no reason and cause. It is a true shame and I pray each and every day to God that Mr. Mulherin act like a civil and decent human-being instead of the tyrant that he has to bully others.
John Mulherin March 22, 2013 at 05:23 AM
I to welcome anyone to look into these untruths about when permits were applied for and received. I have a couple of questions for Mr Dienoff, the house in which you reside, who is the legal owner and on the deed as the owner? As a property consultant, what are the addresses for such property or properties? All of these things you keep bringing up about me, where are you getting such information and who has time to look all of this information up if they are working and why would anyone in their right mind want to? I am not running an elected position you are. Are you afraid of what people might find? Again I welcome anyone to look into the untruths. How would you know what my landlord and I discuss, when permits were applied for and received, where I used to live and how and what people thought about me if you weren't trying to find things? Who is the bully if you are the one digging into peoples past? Any answers would be great for the constituents of Ward 1.
Mr. Mulherin who is on the Deed of Record of the rental property that you are in (You have no stake)? The owner has told you over and over and over to stop your continued harassment, conflict, to follow and adhere to the rules and regulations and that our subdivision is not a free for all. I will not standby and allow you to violate the zoning and City Codes while you bring down others property values! Mr. Mulherin you have stalked and threatened myself and my family. The Police Department is well aware of you and even the County Prosecuting Attorney has been consulted about your persistent harassment in which you will not let up. You do nothing but lie and lie and lie. Your goal is to do nothing but stir up the political pot and bring hate to others. When I run for Public Office, you sit there and research and find the other candidate, you call them on the telephone like you did to Ron Hicks and make up fiction, then you have them give you multiple signs and you sit back and plan a mockery with the signs and the political environment. It is sickening and disheartening the conduct in which you choose. My advice to you is that you seek counseling and STOP the continued harassment to me and my family. You have done nothing but caused harm and ill will. Learn how to act like a human-being and take up another hobby rather then picking on some one that you know nothing about. I will pray for you!
Kelvin Williams March 22, 2013 at 05:59 AM
From your two comments I will conclude 'Jim Frain' is a real person. (Been in Ofallon 4 years and never heard of him) believe you are wasting your time Appears he person enjoys the passive-aggressive bullying with 'witty' remarks, megabyte scolding and posting so that everyone/anyone will see him. See he 'reamed' me because i pointed out the Flag Shirt he displays violates Flag etiquitte. So i looked over this site to see where else he post and what he says and his comments are demeaning to anyone counter to his (besides for one sided and heavily supportive of William Hennessy). heck that poor young lady running for Council, his comments about her were borderline misogynist. Stop wasting time, go do your stuff, let him rip me and you guys go on.
John Mulherin March 22, 2013 at 06:23 AM
Thank you for your prayers as we all could use them.
Hipster Granny April 02, 2013 at 11:42 AM
I would have loved to go, unfortunately I never even hear about meetings. Where are they advertised?


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