O'Fallon Voters Re-elect Five City Council Members, One Newcomer

O'Fallon City Council members Gardner, Mack, Haman, Howell and Pheney retained their seats, while newcomer Rick Battelle was elected to the two-year term in Ward 3.

O'Fallon City Council is keeping five familiar faces around for another three-year term and gaining one new member to fill an open two-year position. 

Bill Gardner, who has served on the city council since 2006, was re-elected to Ward 1. Gardner won about 73 percent of the vote, with 1,320 votes. Gardner said he was pleased with the turn-out and the election process. 

"Elections are a good time to get out and meet people face-to-face," he said. "When you're walking the whole subdivision and going door-to-door you really see what needs to be done and where you need to go."

Gardner said his main focus for his next term on the city council includes continued improvements to infrastructure and city streets. 

"I hope to continue in the direction of moving our city forward to keep the city in the forefront as a leader in St. Charles County," he said. 

Ward 1 challenger A.C. Dienoff told O'Fallon Patch, that he was disappointed with Tuesday's voter turn-out and election results. Dienoff received 478  votes or nearly 27 percent. 

"I spent a lot of effort, resources and energy and did not get the positive results to make a difference," he said. 

But Dienoff said the defeat will not discourage him from pursuing future involvement with the city or other political offices. He said he would like to be appointed to the Planning and Zoning Commission, Advisory Green Council or the Parks Board. He also has future plans to run for the O’ Fallon Fire Protection District Board of Directors and trustee of St. Charles Community College.

"Over the next year, I will be the watch-dog over all city council functions and will not be shy to stand up and tell the truth," he said. 

Rose Mack will serve a second term as Ward 3 council member. Mack received around around 64 percent of the vote with 990 votes. O'Fallon Patch was not able to reach Mack for comment as of Friday afternoon. Mack previously told Patch that if she was re-elected, street improvements would continue to be a top priority. 

Ward 2 competitor Stephen McFarland won around 36 percent of the vote with 562 votes.

McFarland said it was a privilege to be involved in the elections. 

"I really appreciated the help and support extended to me by the mayor and all of the council members, friends, family and voters, and even my opponent Rose Mack," he said. "She is very kind and gracious to me. I'm confident she will continue to do a great job for O'Fallon." 

McFarland said he is looking forward to finding other ways to serve the city. 

Newcomer Richard Battelle was elected to the two-year seat open in Ward 3.  In a five-way race, Battelle won  42.28 percent of the votes with 706 votes. 

"I worked hard to get out and meet the people in my ward.  It was a hard fought race with many talented people running for the Ward 3 seat," he said. 

Battelle told O'Fallon Patch that his three primary goals for his term on the council include, ensuring no tax increases for residents, filling vacant commercial centers and maintaining O'Fallon's status as on of the . 

"I believe in keeping money in O’Fallon, in our businesses and in our pockets.  I will work for O’Fallon and fight for our priorities, including fiscal responsibility, and quality and efficient city services," Battelle said. “I’m looking forward to giving back to the community and working hard to ensure that we do everything we can to support our residents and businesses.”

Battelle currently works for Electronic Tracking Systems as the Managing Director of Business Development. He comes from a family of law enforcement and has served as a police officer in various roles for 16 years. He said he will bring this experience to his new role as a council member to strengthen public and private partnerships throughout the city. 

With the second most votes for the two-year Ward 3 seat, Mike Nunnery received  459 votes or 27 percent.

Nunnery  said he hopes to see the council pursue integrity and complete transparency over the next few years. 

"I want them to make decisions publicly and not privately in a well-behaved manor," he said. "I would challenge them to work 100 percent for the constituents of O'Fallon and not try to serve too many masters at once." 

Nunnery said he thinks the campaign season was well-run for all of the candidates and the results "speak volumes about what the citizens of Ward 3 want."  He added he plans to run for city council again sometime in the future. 

John Haman Jr. was elected to another three-year term on city council. Haman was first elected to city council in 2006 then again in 2009. Running unopposed, Haman received 1,379 votes, 98.99  percent. Fourteen write-in votes account for the other 1.01 percent. Haman previously told O'Fallon Patch that his goals for city council include continuing to keep O'Fallon residents safe and the city financially strong.  

Incumbents Bob Howell and Mike Pheney will each serve another three-term on the council. Both ran unopposed. 

Howell won the Ward 4 seat with 1334 votes or 98.52  percent. Twenty write-in votes account for 1.48 percent. Howell has been a member of the council since 2009.  Howell previously told O'Fallon Patch that his main focus will be street and sidewalk repairs as well as public safety. 

Pheney was re-elected to the Ward 5 seat with 1,604 votes or 98.83 percent. Nineteen write-in votes account for 1.17 percent of the votes. 

Pheney,  previously told O'Fallon Patch that he hoped to apply his business and customer service knowledge to keep the city moving foward. 

City council members will be sworn in at a special meeting on Tuesday, April 19 at 7 p.m. at City Hall. 

Editors note: O'Fallon Patch contacted each candidate by phone or email. As we receive responses, we will continue to update the article. 

Jim Frain April 08, 2011 at 08:22 PM
Thanks for a nice recap of the city council election with quality quotes from all...You work hard to get the information to us and it is very much appreciated.
Jordan Lanham April 08, 2011 at 08:28 PM
Thanks Jim!


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