Ex-O'Fallon Candidate Files Lawsuit To Put Her Name Back on the Ballot

At issue is whether Vicki Schneider owed trash or water and sewer fees on three properties that she owns in O'Fallon.

Vicki Schneider, the Ward 5 O'Fallon City Council candidate who was booted off the ballot in January after officials failed to certify her candidacy, has filed a lawsuit against O'Fallon City Clerk Pam Clement in efforts to get her name back on the ballot.

Schneider, a realtor and former state representative, says Clement refused to certify her candidacy based on an incorrect opinion that Schneider was behind on paying utility bills for properties she owned.

Clement, on Jan. 22, sent a final list of candidates to the Election Authority and said she could not certify Schneider—or Jim Reiter, another Ward 5 candidate—because of section 115.346 of the Revised Missouri State Statues, which states that "persons in arrears for municipal taxes or fees shall not be candidates for municipal office."

At issue, according to a letter from Clement to Schneider, is whether Schneider owed trash or water and sewer fees on three properties that Schneider owns in O'Fallon.

Schneider contests the amounts charged by the city—in each case, less than $100—were either not owed or owed by others, namely her tenants. 

Further, the lawsuit says, Clement's decision to exclude Schneider from the ballot was unconstitutional.

Schneider faces a Feb. 19 deadline to get her name back on the ballot, which means the court has just more than two weeks to conduct a hearing and issue a ruling.

St. Charles County Director of Elections Rich Chrismer, the official who will print the ballots and conduct the election, was also named in the suit as a respondent.  

Jim Frain February 01, 2013 at 08:54 PM
The courts will now decide this legal issue concerning Vicki Schneider running for the city council in Ward 5...Is Pam Clement, our O'Fallon City Clerk City correct in her interpretation of the state statute or is Vicki Schneider, former State Representative correct in her statement that she is not in arrears on municipal fees? Without knowing all of the details, who knows? This is why we have courts to decide disputed interpretations of the law.
Tom Smith February 01, 2013 at 09:07 PM
Why is it that candidates for political office, frequently have issues regarding payment of taxes. Whether it be property or utility, or licensing ?! If you don't have your own house in order, how can you be trusted to do for the community. It's not always someone else's fault! Due diligence


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