Sen. Claire McCaskill Sidesteps Questions About Akin's Decision to Stay in the Race

McCaskill spoke about veterans issues at two VFW halls Wednesday.

Sen. Claire McCaskill sidestepped reporters’ questions Wednesday about whether Congressman , following his c

“Missourians who voted in the Republican primary have nominated Todd Akin,” she said. “I think this election will provide very stark contrast between Todd Akin and me,” she told reporters. 

"I look forward to showing Missourians how we differ on many issues. Today the issue that I’m showing those differences on how we take care of our veterans and how we prioritize taking care of our veterans.”

When asked again about it, McCaskill repeated her answer that Republicans have nominated Todd Akin—in effect saying that Akin should stay in the race. 

McCaskill spoke to two groups of Veterans at VFW halls in Overland and Wednesday.

One man called out, "How's your day going?" as McCaskill waited for the mic to be turned on. 

"It's been good, it's been good. You know everything's pretty boring these days. We've got no action on this campaign, nobody's paying any attention," she said laughing. 

Another man yelled, "All you've got to do is sit back and wait for the other guy to be interviewed."

Veterans Issues

McCaskill sought to draw distinctions between her record addressing veterans issues and Akin's record. She touted her efforts to improve care at John Cochran VA Health Care System in St. Louis by surveying veterans and making improvements based on the survey results.

She also talked about her efforts in increasing gas mileage reimbursements for veterans driving to VA hospitals. 

McCaskill listed several things she said Akin voted against which would have benefited veterans. 

"There's a long record there of not prioritizing our promises," she said. "I hope that that contrast convinces you ... there is a big difference between the way I view veterans and the priority our country should hold them in as opposed to Congressman Akin." 

Veterans asked what McCaskill would do about ballooning debt. 

"I do believe we have to spend less and consistently spend less and get us back into the right shape," she said. "I'm hoping the threat of the sequestration will get everyone to the table for a balanced approach." 

Jaycen Rigger August 27, 2012 at 01:40 PM
Yes, it's a VERY stark contrast between Akin and McCaskill. I'm excited to see my Representative become our next Senator. Akin has a great record of fiscal conservativism. McCaskill and other Progressive Socialists can say "spend less" in the campaign, but spending more is how they purchase votes from the lazy. They CAN'T "spend less", or they won't get re-elected by their constituents. That's what all the programs are all about.


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