St. Peters Encouraging Residents to Sign Up for Emergency Notifications

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast, St. Peters is reminding residents to sign up for the free Nixle messaging program to get free emergency notifications.

The city of St. Peters is once again reminding residents to stay in the know during emergencies.

St. Peters has used a service called Nixle for some time now to provide updates during emergencies. The services allows residents to receive urgent text messages and emails from the city.

Sign-up is easy and can be done on the St. Peters' website. The service is free.

When residents sign up for Nixle, the can receive urgent community messages by email and/or via SMS text messaging. The city uses this service to send urgent messages, such as information about public safety emergencies, neighborhood crime alerts, Amber alerts, traffic disruptions, road closings, and last-minute event postponements. The system is not used in non-emergency situations and never as a promoitional tool.

When emergencies strike, St. Peters residents and business owners can also go online to www.stpetersmo.net for the latest updates or tune into the City’s cable television station, SPTV. SPTV can be seen live or “on demand” at stpetersmo.net, on AT&T U-verse Channel 99, Charter Communications Cable channel 992, and on the 108 channel group if you subscribe to Charter and have a newer TV, DVD player, or DVR equipped with a QAM tuner.

Jaycen Rigger November 02, 2012 at 01:31 PM
Yes, rush to sign up for more city services. That way, they can justify asking for expanded budgets next year and increased taxes. I'm unaware of any "remote" areas of St. Peters. Most people probably hear of major newsworthy emergency situations coming down the pike within minutes or a couple of hours of their reportage. I'd strongly urge residents not to sign up for more city services and starve the politicians and beaurocrats of the excuse to invade our lives just a little bit more.
Joe Barker November 02, 2012 at 01:45 PM
I'm not sure what you think this is, Jaycen. It's simply a way for the city to email/text residents about things like road closures, tornado warnings and things like that.


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