Update: O'Fallon Police Officer to Challenge Hennessy for Mayor in April

Candidate filing began Dec. 11 and ends Jan. 15, 2013.

Filing for seats on the O’Fallon City Council ends on Jan. 15. 

City of O’Fallon

On the first day of filing, six candidates have filed for five open seats on the O'Fallon City Council and one candidate has filed for mayor. 

The terms of Rick Lucas, Jim Pepper, Rick Battelle, Jeff Schwentker and Michael Snowden end in April, leaving one seat open in wards 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Mayor Bill Hennessy's term also ends in April. Council members serve three-year terms. The mayor serves a four-year term. 

Candidates in filing order: 


William "Bill" Hennessy filed for re-election.

Dave Goewert

Ward 1

AC Arnie C. Dienoff 

Kevin Wattelet 

Rick Lucas filed for re-election 

Ward 2

Jim Pepper filed for re-election.

Ward 3

Richard "Rick" Battelle filed for re-election.

Ward 4

Incumbant Jeff Schwentker is running for re-election against Byron Ward. 

Ward 5

Michael Snowden filed for election. *The Mayor appointed Snowden last January to fulfill the term of Mark Perkins who resigned. 

Vicki Schneider

Jim Reiter

Filing continues in the city clerk's office Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Each candidate must file in person, and pay a $25 fee filed with the City Clerk. The last day for filing is Jan. 15. Candidates will appear on the ballot in the order they have filed.

Mr Shaver: You were on the Park Board and you were not appointed by the previous Mayor. You worked and bullied people at the Polls (at the Library) for Bill Hennessy and Bill Gardner and even Deb Hennessy for the Fire Board. Bill Hennessy appointed you back on the Park's Board which has zero power, zero duties and zero responsibilities. Those are the facts! I have watched the Meetings and you have abosolutely nothing to say or add at those meetings. You are just another "Bobble-Head" that Hennesy pulls on a string. Our community needs real leaders and not "Puppets" in our government. People come FIRST and Fore-most! And for the record Mr Shaver, I have never spent the ridicious money in a campaign and that is why I have not won elected office as of yet.
Ron Shaver January 17, 2013 at 12:10 AM
Arnie, You got exactly ONE comment right, The previous mayor didn't appoint me, it was her predecessor that did. Thats how long I've been around.I do have a question about the last three words of your comment " as of yet ". Those words imply that you think you have a chance to win, Good luck with that !
Mr Shaver: You never know until the votes are counted! I will run a great campaign and you will NOT get in my way! After April 2nd the votes will be counted. Win, lose or draw, I will still be around and active in our community when you leave. Mr. Lucas has Ethics Fines from the Missouri Ethics Commission. And Mr. Shaver I have respected you and expect to be respected back by addressing me as Mr. Dienoff. A "Pot-Stirer" like you has NO right to address me by my first name as you are nothing but defensive and negative! You only want to make trouble, instead of putting your name on the Declaration of Candidacy to run for Public Office.
Ron Shaver January 17, 2013 at 05:16 PM
Arnie,Arnie,Arnie, I do respect you, that's why I capitalized the a in your name. Defensive and negative, hmmm, don't see it. Pot stirrer, all I did was voice my support of Mr. Lucas & Mr. Hennessy and you took immediate objection to that. Bobblehead, you have to have a neck for that, Seriously, " you will not get in my way" ! I will remember that comment. I will be out ther posting signs and spreading the word for the next election. for now though I will leave you to your fantasy world. oh, this is my last reply to your nonsense. Good day, king arnie !
Mr. Shaver: And you claim to be a “Gopher” to the Field Supervisor of the Transportation Security Administration (T.S.A.) at Lambert International Airport. I am sure that you are in violation of decorum, lack of respect and violation of Federal Policy in your threats and mean spirit. Are you serious that we trust you with our security, what a joke! A call to my Congressman and the Federal T.S.A. will quash your harsh treatment of O’ Fallon Residents. Act in accordance with the T.S.A.’s Policies and Regulations. Post all that you want, all that you enjoy doing is causing and stirring the pot in municipal politics and every one knows that you are a noisy pain of the neighborhood as no one ever takes you seriously. Every one knows when they go to vote that you bully them at the polls. Any violations of voter intimidation or harassment from here on out will be properly reported to the proper agencies.


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