What Makes a Man, a Man?

Get Obama off the golf course and into the boxing ring.

There are different types of men in this world.  Quiet men, caring men, rough and tumble men, men who are stuck in high school, men with anger management issues, men who cannot relate to women, brave men and cowards.

You could probably come up with a bunch of other types as well.  This list isn't meant to be exhaustive.

The author of Snow White portrayed the seven sides of every man:  Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, and Sneezy.

There's one type of man I can't stand however and that's the coward.  This is the type of man that won't look you in the eye and have an honest conversation with you.  Cowards aren't problem solvers, they run from difficulties.  In his movies, Clint Eastwood wasn't a coward.  Neither was John Wayne a coward.  If you mouthed-off or got out of line, you got punched in the jaw.  You were put in your place.

These men were men of few words.  They were all action.  But what do we have in Washington these days?  We've got cowards.  And it's our own fault for voting them into office.  These weasles couldn't tell their own butts from a hole in the ground yet we are trusting them to run our country.

I would love it if Obama would hold a charity event.  The highest bidder would step into a boxing ring with Obama and hash it out for three rounds.  All proceeds would go to a charity or paying down the national debt.  Put Harry Reid in there too along with Nancy Pelosi and the Speaker of the House. Charge a hefty amount to watch it on pay per view will all proceeds going to charity or the national debt.  It would be great. 

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