O'Fallon Couple Runs Preschool and Child Care Facility On Faith

Mike and Cheri Price, owners of AmeriKids Christian Center, say their work is a ministry to O'Fallon area kids and families.

Mike and Cheri Price say they are blessed in many ways. In addition to having their own family and having the privilege of incorporating their faith into their daily lives, the couple owns and manages , a child-care facility that bases its’ curriculum and its ethics around Christianity.

Mike Price said AmeriKids was established in August of 2004.

“We have cared for over 685 children in the past seven years, and have loved each and every family,” Price said. “Our families are awesome and we love what we do.”

AmeriKids offers preschool classes and traditional childcare, as well as before and after elementary school programs. Students and staff at the facility pray before meals and snacks. The Prices believe that they were led to open a childcare facility in O’Fallon by God, and they look at their work as a ministry to the families in the area.

“We hope with our efforts at AmeriKids that we are touching a day that we may never see,” Mike Price said. “The Lord has blessed us and we give God the glory each and every day that we are able to care for His children.”

In addition to its preschool program and infant and toddler care, AmeriKids serves several elementary schools in the O’Fallon area.

“Our facility services , , and schools of Fort Zumwalt,” Price said. “We also provide transportation to .”

AmeriKids has its own 27-seat passenger bus that has seatbelts and integrated seating. It provides transportation for all of the schools it services, except for Westhoff Elementary, which offers district transportation to the AmeriKids Christian Center.

The center is open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, and it’s only closed on major holidays.

A Balancing Act

While many families struggle to maintain a solid work and family balance, the Prices say they’ve got it figured out.

“We hired our daughters at the school,” Mike Price said. “They are both attending Lindenwood University, majoring in education. We have been blessed in so many ways.”

Finding the Right Childcare Situation for Your Family

The Prices both understand that finding good child care can be a difficult task for any family, especially considering the number of centers to choose from and varying costs of tuition, as well as the different activities, curriculums and services offered by each facility.

They advise that parents find a facility that meets their family’s needs and one that includes the features and services that are important to you as a parent. Some of the points to consider when choosing a child care facility include student-to-teacher ratios, proof of state licensing and current inspection status, cleanliness of the facility, classroom routines and staff stability.

The Prices also advise that parents stick to schools that have “open-door” policies which allow parents to pop in as they like throughout the day. This is an important factor to consider in any childcare situation as it is an indication of the staff’s honesty and good intentions.

For more information, visit the AmeriKids Christian Center website.


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