Pheasant Point Elementary Celebrates Peace and Diversity

For the third year, students constructed a peace ball in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday and Black History month.

Shiny gift ribbons and strings of yarn lined the halls of last Friday, as a group of third-fifth graders worked together to form a symbol of diversity and acceptance. 

“Oh wait, we have a broken string,” Evan, a fourth grade student said, as student council vice president Matthew walked over to help re-fasten the strands.

This is the third year students at Pheasant Point Elementary have worked together to build a Peace Ball, a unique masterpiece combined of different strings, symbolizing diversity in celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day as well as Black History month coming up in February.

Dr. Greg Cicotte, principal of Pheasant Point, said a student council member thought of the project a few years ago. Each student is asked to bring in a strand to add to the ball in early January, and on Friday, Jan. 20, 12 student council members worked together to tie the strands and tape them to the previous additions.

“Basically, the students bring in a strand to signify our differences, so no two strands are alike,” he said.

Cicotte said the project emphasizes coming together as individuals for a common goal and acceptance for all—not matter what their differences.

“I’ve learned peace is very important,” fifth grader Luke said on Friday as he helped roll the strings into the Peace Ball. “This shows everyone should be joined together peacefully and nice and don’t leave people out.”

Fifth grader Lucas agreed.

"I think this shows how people care for our school, because they put time in finding the different strings," he said.

The Peace Ball is on display in the school hallway throughout February, and Cicotte said each teacher incorporates discussions on diversity into their curriculum.





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