Mizzou Tiger T.J. Moe Ready to Tackle the SEC Conference

Interviews with key players, newcomers on Media Day at Mizzou.

Columbia, MO-Here's an interview with local Mizzou football player T.J. Moe.

T.J. Moe, senior wide receiver, Fort Zumwalt West Alum

Patch: This is your senior year and looks like the year you will really shine.

Moe: We have a tough task ahead of us and we’ll just take them one game at a time.

Patch: The Georgia game (Sept. 8) will be a national game.

Moe: Its on ESPN2, we’re really excited about it.

Patch: Going into the SEC really seemed to fire up the student body.

Moe: Everyone was really excited. I think its good for the program to jump up and everyone considers this conference the best in the country and I’m excited to be part of it.

Patch: Will the passing scheme mean the balls will be coming more your way this season?

Moe: Well I hope so. We have a really good receiving corp this year. Hopefully I get to do some punt returns and kick off returns.

Patch: Will Mizzou show some new offensive wrinkles this season?

Moe: We’ve shown new wrinkles the past three years so expect more of the same.

Patch: You know all too well how tough the Big 12 was.

Moe: We played a couple of No. 1 teams. Texas won the national championship my freshman year. Oklahoma was No. 1 when we beat them here. We’ve played seven ranked teams last year.

Patch: When a kid is coming out of high school, foremost what should he expect?

Moe: You should pick a school that’s a winner but you ought to pick a school that suits your skills the best. You have to go where you like the coaches and picture yourself where you think you will be successful. The coaching staff has been very stable (more than 10 years) and they preach to us “we’re not going anywhere.”

Mizzou was a really good fit for me.

Patch: And at Mizzou, they let quarterbacks play receiver.

Moe: They do.


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