Adam Evers
You can find Adam working on his laptop in the local St. Charles coffee hot spots like Picassos, Crooked Tree and Second Street Bike Stop. 
Adam's website site www.namebuilders.net features promo pieces local business use to grow thier business.  Some people call Adam a Photo-cyclist. Loves to take pictures when messing about on his bike. He also has a passion for food and fine coffee. The food taste range from the perfectly prepared frozen pizza to a total yummo bowl of French Onion Soup.  Adam would rather go a day without coffee then to take a chance of drinking coffee that is NOT one of his approved providers. Seriously. He's been known to carry his own propane burner, water and coffee in the back of his car rather than take a chance from a lesser source. Adam Evers lives in O'Fallon Missouri with his wife of 20 plus years and three boys. The younger children go to Immanuel in St. Charles. www.namebuilders.net www.facebook.com/namebuilders
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