Gayle Gallagher
Film and Video Producer
Pirate Media Group is a full-service video production and film distribution company new to Main Street St. Charles.
From a 30-second commercial to a full-length feature film, Pirate Media Group can help you get your project done. PMG is dedicated to bringing experienced production to the Midwest. Trained in Los Angeles, our St. Charles-based production company is creating shorts, music videos, multi-media projects and features with astonishing quality and production value. We can tackle anything, big or small, and if you want it to fly or explode, we can do that, too.  Drawing on crew and disciplines from all areas, we approach production with a flexible attitude and an open mind - as well as a love of films. They can be fun, profitable, and engage the mind. They can also be made in a less stressful, user-friendly environment, not a pressure cooker. Come aboard Pirate Media Group and set sail for creative horizons you haven't dreamt of since you were a kid.
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