Cupcake Amore Offers Gourmet Cupcakes, Birthday Party Rooms

Cupcake Amore opened Feb. 1 in the Four Seasons Shopping Center.

Cupcake Amore, which opened its doors in O'Fallon on Feb. 1,  calls itself a "cupcake café and party center." The store is located at 2443 Hwy. K in the Four Seasons Shopping Center.

Inside a glass showcase are cupcake varieties with names like Velvet Rouge, Velvet Rouge Supreme, Amore Amore, Paris Cherie, Tortue, Chocolat Strawberry Mousse, Eiffel Tower and Creme de la Creme. Along with its 30 varieties of cupcakes, the shop also offers a gluten-free variety.

The shop's owner, Joy Wojczyk, has 15 years of experience in baking and decorating cakes for parties and weddings. What was once a hobby for Wojczyk is now a dream business-come-true.

The shop is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday. The store is only open on Sundays for scheduled events.

Party Rooms are available. One room is designed for older girls and has a pink-and-black Parisian décor. Another room is meant for younger children, with smaller tables and chairs and a bright yellow, green and blue color scheme.

Birthday parties include a hostess, paper products and drinks, and two cupcakes for each child to decorate—one cupcake goes home with the child in a special box!

Cupcake Amore has rooms available for small group meetings. They can also offer events such as field trips with tours and treats, and can help with fundraising events.


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