O'Fallon Resident Asks MoDOT For Answers About Pheasant Point Entrance

MoDOT says a new sign will be installed this fall.

O'Fallon resident Jim Frain, concerned about the dangerous entrance to the Pheasant Point subdivision on Highway K recently feature on Fox 2, sent the following to Linda Wilson Horn at MODOT: 

"The residents of Pheasant Point Subdivision in O'Fallon on Highway K, just south of N take their lives in their hands every day as they attempt to safely leave their homes and get on the only access to Highway K.  It is the most dangerous subdivision in our city and it gets worse every day.  A recent segment of channel 2 dealt with this issue but nothing is being resolved by MODOT.  There is a large neon sign just north of this intersection placed by MODOT to warn High K drivers to allow cares out of Pheasant Point.  It is a line of sight danger and is not working...What will be done to protect these residents from the intense traffic on Highway K?  Will MODOT consider the successful use of Box Junctions at this site, and other dangerous sites which safely control traffic throughout Europe?" 

Here is the answer from Linda Wilson Horn with MODOT, that he wishes to share with Patch readers: 

"We are adding a larger Do Not Block Intersection sign that will include a flasher when traffic is backed up past the intersection.  It should be installed this fall.  Unfortunately, it is too close to the signal at SOR and K to be able to add another signal". 

"I hope a larger sign will work," Frain said. "I wish that it would go up today instead of waiting for fall."

Frain said the he hoped the sign would provide consistent safety to O'Fallon's
Pheasant Point residents and the cars full of people who travel on Highway K past Pheasant Point. 

"Time will tell," Frain said.
Jim Frain August 19, 2013 at 05:07 PM
Congratulations to our O'Fallon Police Department for being very pro-active with this traffic problem. They will be at this intersection during rush hour traffic. They will also be reminding drivers on Highway to pay attention to the temporary sign that says to keep this intersection open when backed up on K so that Pheasant Point residents can get out of their subdivision.
Jennifer Bateman September 16, 2013 at 07:11 PM
Yeah, the backed up traffic jams they've created by making an intersection blocking trap are great. I love the extra 10-15 added to my daily commute. How about you get a real stop sign or quit you whining!


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